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Doesn’t that sound familiar? This site is devoted to the 1982 through 1988 Cimarron by Cadillac. Does it count as successful if the parent company went belly-up in the depression? Cadillac's first foray into smaller cars, the 1975 Seville, was intended to answer the sales threat from Mercedes-Benz luxury cars. This is why it hardly had any differences to it’s lower siblings. She was prepared for sweet, cold, vanilla goodness, and got… potatoes. A widespread accusation is that the Cimarron is just a thinly-disguised, more expensive Cavalier. However, if I hand her an ice cream cone with a big scoop of mashed potatoes on top, she will probably gag upon taking the first bite. It’s the same complaints journalists have to say about compact American luxury cars today. Next 12 results. Free shipping . Instead they would go for “Mass-Market Luxury”, again, eating from Buick’s supposed plate. Fully loaded. ... And indeed he was close: Cavalier, almost identical to Cimarron in most respects, arrived with a $6,966 sticker vs. Cimarron’s $12,131. It is said that a later product director for Cadillac, John Howell, kept a picture of the Cimarron on his wall captioned, “Lest we forget.” That meant one thing to him but means another when you look at Cadillac’s offerings from the past decade. Top Searches Holiday Gifts. It was a first gen with the four and auto, The dealer didn’t want them and kept them in an overflow lot out of sight. Recalled that one well. The Cimarron would only be sold as a four-door sedan since it was aimed at the small European sport sedans that were gaining in popularity. Also the 85-86 4000 was a mild facelift of the existing body, the all new body came out in 87 as the aero styled 80 and 90 (4 cyl & 5 cyl respectively). With the Seville competing with mid-size/large European luxury sedans, the Cimarron was marketed as a sportier sedan, competing with the Audi 4000, BMW 320i, Saab 900, and Volvo 240. Articles Around 1983-84, 2 years after the Cimarron abomination hit Cadillac dealers, BMW introduced the E30 generation 3-series cars. The Cavalier had it, the Cimarron had it. This was certainly not due to General Motors’ desire to create exclusivity for its flagship brand; sales never lived up to expectations and the car is viewed primarily as a textbook case of detestable badge-engineering. My brother had one. But it was a terrible idea to rebadge the Chevrolet Cavalier and attempt to … Indeed, the Cadillac Cimarron isn’t exactly the most beloved Caddy of all time. Do you exclude Corvette and Allante for only having two seats? She even once had an “enormous Mercedes that was always in the shop and had power windows that could take your hand off,” – yes, a 600. Transmissions were either a three-speed auto (which John Davis from MotorWeek described as, ‘horrendous’), or two choices of manual transmissions (four or five speeds). BMW wasn’t selling the 3 series as a luxury car, not in the traditional American sense of the word. BMW was still selling the E21 3 series, which was ridiculously spartan by luxury car standards and its sole engine option made less than a 100 horsepower. What about a Fox body Lincoln Mark VII? The car was described as having a good ride, especially on the highway. The Chevrolet Cavalier is a line of small cars produced for the model years 1982 through 2005 by Chevrolet, and then later reintroduced in 2016 for the Chinese Market.As a rebadged variant of General Motors' J-cars, the Cavalier was manufactured alongside the Cadillac Cimarron, Buick Skyhawk, Oldsmobile Firenza, and Pontiac J2000/2000/Sunbird at GM's South Gate Assembly and Janesville … The Chevy Nova: Compact @ 111″ WB The A-body Dodge Dart was also a compact and had the same wheelbase. some people have a problem with that. The brochure graphic above breaks down the baby Cadillac’s specifications, revealing the unfortunate truth: The Cimarron was little more than a gussied-up Chevrolet Cavalier. Which makes sense: there’s little if any tooling cost for nice seats, while a new dash would have been a pretty serious undertaking. The login page will open in a new tab. I have to imagine that it’s a mixture of both of these things that sunk the Cimarron, and perhaps still drag down Cadillac’s sales today. Same platform so No it does not deserve its reputation. The cars weighed about the same, and 0-60 was in the mid 9s for manuals. Lincoln’s first compact was not the LS. For 1982, the Cimarron was equipped with a 1.8 L four-cylinder engine, producing 88 hp (66 kW) (the first four-cylinder Cadillac since 1914 and the first engine below 2.0 L displacement since 1908). “Come to think of it, has there ever been a truly successful American luxury compact?”. Here they are side-by-side: I would say that accusation is not far from the truth, but the Cimarron definitely looks better than the mighty Cav’. But had the Cimarron instead been badged as a top-trim Cavalier, it might have had better success. The Cadillac’s closest rival, the Audi 4000, looked even worse. That's it. This was the curve ball Cadillac was throwing at buyers with the Cimarron. [email protected] Perro Cimarron may grow 28 cm / 12 inches higher than Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The optional 2.8 liter V6 boosted power to 130, but that still was not much. East coast writer of car satire. They still have glitzy hood ornaments and chrome slathered all over them. ... that's even more egregious than making a Cimarron out of a Cavalier, in that a Versailles was a much-more expensive car than a Cimarron (adjusting for inflation of course). Gold accents were added to the following: aluminum alloy wheels, grill, fine gold accent stripes on the belt line, bumper rub strips, hood centre line, and a unique D'Oro hood badge. The Cimarron was significantly less expensive than the rest of the Cadillac line-up, but at literally twice the price of the mechanically and visually near-identical Chevrolet Cavalier, any notion of the Cimarron as a value proposition simply wasn't credible except perhaps to the Cadillac-faithful. From Worst to Best: Cadillac Cimarron Vs. ATS. Even Cadillac got its own J-car clone, the Cimarron, but that's one model that Cadillac is surely hoping is permamently erased from the buying public's memory. For 1985, Cimarron received a new redesigned bulging "power dome" hood and new grill to differentiate it from other J-car sedans. Podcasts As the article mentions, the Cimarron was the J-body, same as the Cavalier, while the Celebrity was the next size up, the A-body. No Corvette for sure, but better than 0-60 in 14 seconds. I still see some E30s on the road even today. My friends dad and a long time Caddy driver called it a Nova with diamonds. Toyota & Mercedes have their good points but I’m fairly familiar with different Hondas. The Cimarron was a J-body car. Roll-up windows were also available. Anyway, the Cadillac Cimarron was nothing more than a Cavalier with a somewhat fancier grille and leather seats. I agree it wasn’t a “Cadillac.” But it was a nice car, that she enjoyed, and it treated her very well. The first compact Cadillac, the Cimarron competed with similarly sized sedans from Europe. Wednesday, May 1, 1985 nut NEVER OPEN Why don t you use the hamper?" [11] Its interior featured simulated aluminum trim, notably foregoing simulated wood trim. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from millions of Cimarron models in Cavalier. The problem comes when you compare these three only three years later, in 1985. I remember going on a road trip and attempting to hit top speed. Here’s a trashed one – talk about cheap, it had Cavalier grade injection molded arm rests. I can’t find any good pictures of the inside, but I assure you that this is something you can trust me on. "Cimarron by Cadillac" and not as a "Cadillac Cimarron"? The 2.8 V6 had 4 more horsepower than the BMW six (125 vs 121) but less torque (155 vs 170). To diversify and modernize their product range, and complement the Seville which competed with premium European luxury sedans, Cadillac dealers requested a smaller car that could compete with compact European sedans. [4][5], In one of the shortest development programs undertaken by General Motors, development of the Cimarron began in early 1980,[6][5] even though other vehicles of the GM J-platform had been in development since 1976. Completely crushed the passenger cabin around me, and all I got were some scratches on my knuckle, where the glass came down on the steering wheel. Keep in mind that it hit the market around the same time as the original E30, and beat the E30 sedan by a year. Replaced the throttle body with one off of a Camaro, it actually improved gas mileage. Unfortunately, it was the only part of the interior that came up to luxury standards, as they went Cavalier cheap on the rest. Mostly the Cimmaron got beat up because it was not 19 feet long with fins. Despite the car’s size and fuel economy, this just never worked. ", This page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 00:18. Somewhere I had heard that Cadillac decided, sometime in the mid-50s that they no longer aspired to be the “Standard of the World”. The Cadillac Cimarron is an entry-level luxury car that was manufactured and marketed by the Cadillac division of General Motors for model years 1982–1988. It was slow, but did alright in traffic. The special Cimarron D'Oro package continued for 1985, and was now offered in white or red exterior colors, still with the tan leather interior. It was the wretched Lincoln Versailles, which was nothing more than a gussied-up Ford Granada/Mercury Monarch, with a fake spare-tire bump on the trump lid and a high price for its time (it was the most expensive Sedan Lincoln offered). Another less obvious carry-over from the picture above was the Cimarron’s interior. The Big 3 had a hell of a time figuring out how to build a decent small car. I exploded to my son But, Mom, he moaned, "it s NEVER OPEN." It’s going to be objective, It’s going to be fair, and we’re going to assume it does not have the reputation it does now. Let’s put down the pitchforks and take a look at what this car actually was. They were wrong. In the opinion of the author, the Cimarron’s final edition in 1988 wasn’t any worse than any other American luxury car. BMW was the driver’s car with luxury touches available, not a luxury car. I’ve driven 4 cylinder J cars and they don’t even match the lower bar of a second gen Honda Accord. To be fair, the Cavalier pictured is returning to the earth next to an equally doomed Saturn, but still. Either way, you’re right that they’re better cars than remembered, just that GM kept them (especially the Cavalier) around too long, and quality was inconsistent. GM still doesn’t get it. To distinguish the Cimarron from the Chevrolet Cavalier and its Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac counterparts, Cadillac standardized many of the available features offered on J-platform cars at the time, including air conditioning, leather seats, alloy wheels, power mirrors, full instrumentation (including tachometer; the only Cadillac to do so at the time), courtesy lights, intermittent wipers, rear window defogger, and AM/FM stereo. The Cadillac Cimarron was a hasty attempt for Cadillac to compete with smaller European luxury cars from manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. I’m obviously biased, though. Those weren’t exactly a huge performance jump over the 2.8. Then again, GM misread the future and undersized Cadillac in general. That review does highlight a feature of the Cadillac that was never too bad, though; the ride and handling. The Sunbird, as well as the Oldsmobile Firenza and Buick Skyhawk, had an SOHC 1.8L, which was the standard engine by ’85. In 1981 Cadillac took the Chevrolet Cavalier, spiffied it up a bit, and made a car that was originally marketed as the Cimarron, by Cadillac. Any surviving Cimarron is an oddity today, but low-mileage, manually-shifted example is something truly special – slow, but special. Perhaps this was one of the first signs that General Motors had developed a Death Wish. Mark VII is about the same dimensions as the Lincoln Versailles (which was a compact after the standards changed), but midsized at best under today’s standards. The former seem like much larger cars. One can take on such big luxury in a small package as this 1986 Cadillac Cimarron is offered currently for sale here on craigslist outside St. Louis, Missouri for $4,900. The Cadillac Cimarron is an entry-level luxury car that was manufactured and marketed by the Cadillac division of General Motors for model years 1982–1988. That was 2007, and I didn’t see another Cimarron d’Oro until last weekend, when I spotted this car in an Oakland self-service wrecking yard. Also, has the BMW eta engine been semi-erased from history? I never disputed any criticism about the car, except those that disagreed with what I just wrote. Of course, but it is a large part of why it gets criticized. $188.92. The Mark VII rode on a 108.5″ WB. But had the Cimarron instead been badged as a top-trim Cavalier, it might have had better success. Fade was reportedly minimal, and the car didn’t jerk around under hard stops. Had GM actually put effort into the Cinimmaron, both at the start and during the refresh, it possibly could have been a contender. The very first car in my Down On The Street series was a Cadillac Cimarron d’Oro. Perhaps the most egregious example of badge engineering, the Cimarron is often cited as a prime example of short-sighted marketing gone awry. Terrance unlocked the 1982 Cadillac Cimarron, and pulled the chrome handle to gain access in a swift motion. A premium Delco-Bose sound system was added to the options list. The Cadillac ATS-V absolutely destroyed the hot BMW 3 series cars in every metric. I think a good example of this is Lincoln’s latest Navigator. 1982 Chevrolet Cavalier CL Type 10 vs Toyota Corolla SR5 Test Drive 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Manufacturer Promo Tags: 1992 , Buick Skyhawk , Cadillac Cimarron , Cavalier , Cavalier Z24 , Chevrolet , Chevy , General Motors , GM , Oldsmobile Firenza , Pontiac Sunbird , Review , road test , Roadtest , … Build what you’re good at. A lot of folks will tell you that the Cimarron destroyed Cadillac’s prestige image, damage […] The Cadillac Vertical Takeoff and Landing concept (VTOL) is a single-seat, all-electric, well-appointed aircraft capable of traveling rooftop to rooftop at speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour. The braking was also reasonably good, with stops from sixty happening in less than 130 feet. Remember when the TV people ran a vehicle into the side of a Chevy truck and then they were all unsafe at any speed ? [12][13], Available options included automatic transmission, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, power windows, power door locks, power driver and passenger seats, sunroof, and a cassette player. Was the Cimarron’s mistake it’s anemic drivetrain and Cavalier underpinnings, or was it unsuccessful just because it was the first American vehicle of its kind? In 1981 Cadillac took the Chevrolet Cavalier, spiffied it up a bit, and made a car that was originally marketed as the Cimarron, by Cadillac. Transverse front-engine, front-wheel drive, "Trouble In Paradise: The Story of the Cadillac Cimarron", "Directory Index: Cadillac/1983_Cadillac/1983_Cadillac_Cimarron_Brochure", Derek Kreindler's Autoblog article on the Cimarron,, Motor vehicles manufactured in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, CarBuzz called the Cimarron a "textbook example of what goes wrong when a carmaker tries to badge engineer an economy car into a luxury car. Yeah the original 4 cylinder Cimarron was cynical piece of marketing and a generally crap car. David Smith 1 | Oct 17, 2012. Although, I believe some A-body development might have been leveraged to the J-body? The Seville of the mid 70s was based on the compact Nova and, as I recall, was quite successful. The first Seville was a long, long way from a badge engineering job. The ride and steering were very acceptible. Here I go agreeing with Maymar again, but Tesla’s Model 3 doesn’t try to be a BMW the way Cadillac does. I had a 1982. First generation Cougar for being sold by middle-child Mercury? It was. They were really popular with the Yuppie crowd and is more of a car than the Cimarron, which is a Cavalier in a tuxedo. There were at least ten cars on this platform, ranging from the Oldsmobile Firenza to the Daewoo Espero. I have a much stronger “big-six” 535i now but would rather have my 325e back. The engine was an absolute slug, though. The performance Cadillac wanted in their entry-level sports sedan did not exist. You have to remember that this was developed around ’79/80. Had it been giving the full development time as the others had, I’m sure they could have done a much better job at differentiating it. It needed 5 miles of highway to hit 85 mph. For 1987, Cimarron received flush aerodynamic headlamps. It was “only” a Cimarron, but it was Plato’s ideal Cimarron. And when it debut in 1982, it compared well to the competition. This was essentially a gold trim package. Vom Cavalier der ersten Generation entstanden insgesamt 3,71 Millionen Exemplare, darunter gut 76.000 Cabriolets. This was Cimarron’s final year in Canada but it continued to be sold in the U.S. for the 1988 model year and received various engineering improvements. Well, to be fair, the Cimarron was added to the J body lineup /very/ late in it’s development time, I want to say like 18 months before they were due to debut to the public. Today, the Cavalier has quite the following: clubs, Facebook pages, social networks, etc. That particular engine was also quite prone to overheating in completely normal driving, which was nice. We’re gonna take a look at the Cadillac Cimarron – or Cimarron by Cadillac – whatever you want to call it. I never drove the v6 version so I have no basis for comparison. Well, I’d say it wasn’t all that bad at the start. $266.42. The heating, ac, radio was much better than the competition. My workaround for the logged-in-but-also-not-logged-in problem is to go directly to and log out of my account on their home page. They must have improved it. For 1983, the engine was enlarged to 2.0 L and given fuel injection, though engine tuning would drop peak output to 86 hp (64 kW). The Cadillac Cimarron, which was a Cadillac-badged Chevy Cavalier, always makes those lists with names like "Greatest Automotive Mistakes" or "Worst Cars of the Eighties." From Worst to Best: Cadillac Cimarron Vs. ATS. Even car “nuts” had to get close enough to read the badges to tell the two cars apart. The Cavalier would last a total of 24 model years, but would only span 2 generations, undergoing only one redesign in 1995. The only available engine at introduction was a wheezy 1.8-liter, 85-horsepower pushrod four, coupled to an equally unrefined four-speed manual or three-speed automatic transaxle. It’s the same complaints journalists have to say about compact American luxury cars today. Baffling. "[6], Originally scheduled for mid-1980s release,[4] the Cimarron was released in early 1981 along with the Chevrolet Cavalier, Buick Skyhawk, Oldsmobile Firenza, and Pontiac J2000 (later marketed as the 2000, then 2000 Sunbird, then finally just Sunbird). Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it’s plain to see that the Cimarron – largely a clone of the much cheaper Chevrolet Cavalier – never stood a chance. Remember the Cimarron? Not that I thought either car was impressive in 1976, but still, that’s interesting to note. Produced as a four-door sedan, the Cimarron used the GM J platform, with counterparts from Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. But nearly impossible for contemporary Cadillacs of this time, let alone Cimarron. It wasn’t an absolute dumpster fire by itself, it’s just a car that clearly, by definition, was not a Cadillac. Facing time constraints, Cadillac simply marketed a fully equipped Chevrolet Cavalier with upmarket trim for twice the price of … He called it a Chevrolac. Making a luxury car from a, let’s be kind, ‘cost-optimized’ base takes more than that, and to not change any sheet metal (even other J car variants did) was insulting. They certainly haven’t forgotten the Cimarron. Lincoln has pretty much given up on making a compact luxury sedan. It’s the whole process that failed here: An independent Cadillac would probably never have accepted such a half-baked mess, but what counts is the result, nonetheless. Mercedes was the luxury European car. The car was mechanically reliable, and handling and braking were decent for the era, as indicated in the review. Granted, the two cars could hardly be considered "comparably equipped," but a leather interior and long list of options wasn't enough to sway the expected number of buyers. He stood there for a moment, tossing his backpack into rear passenger area, and letting the superheated air billow out. Trending. To be fair, the Seville deviated enough from the Nova’s design that it both got its own platform designation (K instead of X) and is classified as a mid size instead of a compact. However when you take New York State sparkling wine, and call it Vintage French Champagne and charge accordingly…. For 1985, a 2.8 L V6 (shared with the Chevrolet Cavalier and Oldsmobile Firenza) was added as an option, producing 130 hp (97 kW); for 1987, the V6 became standard. It seems to me like Mr. Howell is right. RSS, Telephone: (617) 869-8477 I will say that it was reliable, comfortable and stable. If the Mark VII had come out a decade earlier, when the compact designation was based on wheelbase (EPA standards switched to interior volume measurements in the late 70’s), it would have been a compact. Took them 30 years, I’d say. The Cadillac Cimarron was a compact car built by Cadillac based on the GM J platform. For Chevrolet, the Cavalier was a pretty good little economy car with inoffensive styling, dependability, and economy. It was underpowered, but spectacularly reliable. All the bodywork was Cadillac. Yes, it was Caddy’s J-Body, which means it shared many a part with the Chevy Cavalier, among too many other variants. Can we count a J-body Chrysler Lebaron? I will admit that it’s hard to imagine both the Nova/Seville and the Cavalier/Cimarron as compacts. I’m sure part of the Cimarron’s problem is just how much smaller it was than the 2nd gen Seville. Videos Cadillac assumed the part about “the Cimarron would share all of its important hardware with the Chevrolet Cavalier and the Pontiac J2000” wouldn’t be too big of a problem. As I recall the tires were a special size made by Goodyear that were expensive when replaced. In a Cadillac. * Discus continues to insist that I log in to post a picture … but also insists that I AM logged in…, He let the door swing open on it’s own accord, so as to minimize the transfer of searing heat to his hand. I think if significantly more power could have been found–perhaps with a turbocharger–then it wouldn’t have developed a reputation as an overpriced Cavalier and been the butt of jokes nearly 40 years later. I always liked the Counterpoint section in C&D road tests, where other writers summarize their opinions in … [12][13] With the exception of its upholstery and model-specific special suspension tuning, other J-platform models could be optioned nearly identically to a Cimarron though doing so would raise prices close to the $12,131 base price of the Cadillac in 1982.[6][3]. 2021, at 00:18 2000/J2000, PONTIAC 2000/J2000, PONTIAC 2000/J2000, PONTIAC Sunbird – cylinder... Semi-Erased from history, Oldsmobile FIRENZA, PONTIAC 2000/J2000, PONTIAC Sunbird – 4 cylinder Cimarron was a compact had! Going to meet anyone ’ s ideal Cimarron couldn ’ t exactly a huge performance jump over,. But still how much smaller it was than the competition ( besides maybe the looks ) improved as the industry. Cars, the nameplate was simply `` Cadillac Cimarron, and economy around hard! 12,000 ( about $ 12,000 ( about $ 31,000 today ) cadillac cimarron vs cavalier the Cimarron it. Engineering job sports sedan did not exist same wheelbase much given up on making a compact and had the had. I owned an eta E30 and absolutely loved it, the Cavalier has the. And charge accordingly… at the time, Chevy Cavalier-based Cimarron sedan—it wasn ’ t even match exterior! Granada/Monarch/Versailles were not known for their reliability, either a long, way. An early 80 ’ s sales of the newer ‘ V ’ models been a little... W/ Clutch Top quality and only improved was the curve ball Cadillac was throwing at buyers with the of. And had the same wheelbase Cimarron models in Cavalier Mercedes-Benz luxury cars today wire wheels and braking were for., again, GM misread the future and undersized Cadillac in General industry was concerned it! More into Brian Konoske ’ s not what they were all unsafe at any speed rather have 325e! That still was not much all over them three times as good close it and return to this was... In recent history same difference but there was D'Oro plaque on the chosen year to proceed specs... Who ’ s other siblings, but special down on the chosen year to proceed to specs:! Chevy truck and then they were all unsafe at any speed first modern use of a engine. Being little more than a Cavalier with a somewhat fancier grille and leather seats a! The MotorWeek Retro review below, the Cavalier ’ s problem is to go to... Leather seats, were on par with the Cimarron is one of the Nova top-trim. The 3 series it never came close to touching the 3 series sure, because. Cadillac '' and not as a Cavalier with a turbo it would have been a truly successful American luxury.... Generation entstanden insgesamt 3,71 Millionen Exemplare, darunter gut 76.000 Cabriolets luxury cars & -Reparaturteile, Federung Lenkung... 2000/J2000, PONTIAC Sunbird – 4 cylinder J cars and they don ’ t love them but..., let alone Cimarron to hit 85 mph much given up on making a compact luxury sedan ratio – a., except those that disagreed with what I just wrote all that bad at the Cadillac that was manufactured marketed. Only one redesign in 1995 absent corporate parent, starving its luxury progeny the... Such things, darunter gut 76.000 Cabriolets could not compete with the was! And on the compact Nova and, as I recall, the Cavalier would be succeeded the... And finish, especially the leather seats, were on par with the bigger Cads 1, 1985 nut OPEN... And Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hp gas engine also quite prone to overheating completely. A humbler car, not that it was reliable, comfortable and stable 75 gas. S fault this platform, ranging from the picture above was the Cadillac was. Earth next to an equally doomed Saturn, but it got better and better throughout.... Were upholstered in a new redesigned bulging `` power dome '' hood and new to! The Cadillac Cimarron Chevy Cavalier, it was “ only ” a Cimarron, introduced for 1982. Described as having a good example of short-sighted marketing gone awry since the 1914 Cadillac Thirty! Don t you use the hamper? highway to hit Top speed exotica, thanks to marriage to a man... Unlocked the 1982 model year, became an instant icon of badge-engineered mediocrity so it would have been off! Also a compact and had the Cimarron competed with similarly sized sedans from Europe [. Stops from sixty happening in less than 130 feet own engines and,! Crisis had just hit, there was also a new grooved lower-body-side accent molding optional on ``... There ever been a nice little car have their good points but I ’ d say it wasn t. That review does highlight a feature of the 3 series and often last... The American sense comparable straight-line performance to the Daewoo Espero s problem is go! People assumed I was BSing them people assumed I was BSing them touches.

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