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Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be processed. No, Colorado Rockies license plates are only available to Colorado residents and the DMV is not able to issue Colorado Rockies license plates to out of state vehicles. Contact the CO DMV at (303) 205-5600 for fee information. DMV Cheat Sheet - Time Saver. Colorado License Plates. The office also investigates fraudulent activities related to motor vehicles and identity theft. Your Colorado DMV registration renewal status can be identified by receiving an official notice from the state DMV. The Colorado Department of Transportation offers standard and specialty plates. 42-3-213(5)(a)(I) authorizes the Department to issue Disabled Veteran license plates to an owner* of a motor vehicle to which such license plate is attached that is a disabled veteran of the United States Armed Forces. The tag can be extended if your plate is delayed. (See “Fees for Your CO Registration Renewal" below.) Renewing Specialty Plates in CO. Phone, Location and Opening hours in January 2021 . Residents in Colorado can renew car registration in three ways: online, in person and by mail. NOTE: If your license plates were stolen, you must file a police report first. Delta Registration & Title. Some plates require you to make a charitable donation to the organization linked with the plate type. Visit the Colorado DMV website. More than 750,000 vehicles have been renewed at Colorado MV Express kiosks. You have been successfully logged out. The Colorado DMV also issues license plates and placards for disabled parking. Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles PO Box 173350 Denver, CO 80217-3350 Physical Address: Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles Registration Section 1881 Pierce St. Lakewood, CO 80214 Horseless Carriage License Plate remains with the vehicle and is transferred to the new owner. DMV Cheat Sheet - Time Saver. In addition to Colorado custom car registrations, the state DMV also offers an antique vehicle registration procedure. Updates on COVID-19 here. NOTE: Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you may require plates both on the front and rear OR just the rear. Western State College. I AGREE ¡Important! See below for details. Available For:  Passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, hearses, motor homes, buses, passenger vans. Go to and click on the "Vehicle Services" tab. Colorado's Division of Motor Vehicles operates under the Department of Revenue. Who Qualifies: A person with a physical impairment that limits the person's mobility to the extent that the person with a disability is unable to walk 200 feet without extreme pain, fatigue or other ill effects or without the aid of a mechanical device. Plates are available in Colorado… NOTE: Applying for disabled parking plates? Car owners must apply for a Colorado DMV license plate whenever they purchase a new or used vehicle from a dealership or a private seller. Set: $3.78. Information: Research Colorado Revised Statute 42-3-102(59). Type of license plates. The CO DMV issues standard license plates as well as several types of specialty plates, including: Learn more about these options on our Types of Specialty Plates page. Explore All. Find your nearest DMV office... Español. Current insurance information on file. It's like having the answers before you take the test. You'll apply for license plates by registering your vehicle with the CO DMV. In Colorado, applying for specialty plates is typically done in person at your county DMV. Contact Us. Colorado MV Express is a self-service DMV kiosk that offers a fast and easy way to renew your vehicle registration. The standard license plates show when your registration expires. Sample Colorado License Plate. In any case, drivers may apply for new registration plates through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is operated by the state Department of Revenue (CDOR). 42-3-205 DR 2283 (10/30/14) COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Division of Motor Vehicles Registration Section Online. DMV Cheat Sheet - Time Saver. Contact the Colorado DMV for more information. DR2816 Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges Pamphlet, 1 CCR 204-10 Rule 25 Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges, Code of Federal Regulations 23 CFR 1235. For more information about Colorado Correctional Industries, please click here. Most frequently, these employees sort through nicknames and other harmless words that drivers want to … If you move to another state, you can either: License plate fees are based on several factors, including: Contact your local CO DMV registration office for specific fees. Plates offices in Roggen, Weld county CO. The state DMV will issue your Colorado car registration and state license plates once it confirms that you meet the full set of requirements and that you have paid all applicable fees. Did you know that not every office in Colorado offers the same services? It issues vehicle titles, plates, and vehicle registrations, and processes driver's license applications and renewals. The fees to register your motorcycle in Colorado will depend on your bike's: Weight. A valid DMV drivers license gives you permission to drive on public roadways and serves as an official ID. Updates on COVID-19 here. This site use third-party cookies for ads and statistics purposes. The Colorado DMV will send you a renewal notice before your vehicle registration expires. SUMMARY: Applying for Colorado Specialty License Plates. Passing the Colorado written exam has never been easier. To renew your registration online, visit the Colorado DMV online renewal portal and provide: Your Colorado license plate number. Instructions Step #1 – Fill in all vehicle owner name(s) and phone number(s). Names must appear as listed on vehicle registration. Not used to transport cargo or passengers for profit or hire. Information: Research Colorado Revised Statute 42-3-306(2)(b). What does CHDA do with my $40.00? Colorado’s motor vehicles divisions offer more than 100 variants of designated license plates, from vanity plates to PRM. Plates offices in Calhan, El Paso county CO. Continue reading to learn more about license plates from the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Temporary permits are issued as a temporary motor vehicle registration for up to 60 days. Read more. We remain open by … 2014 License Plate Bills • HB 14-1089 10th Mountain Division License Plate Qualifications – Effective January 1, 2015 • Created two new license plates • “Support the 10th Mountain Division” group special license plate • Requires a donation of $15.00 - $100.00 to the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, Inc. to be issued the plate and to renew the plate annually 42-3-204(3)(b)(I), Requirements: Qualifying person must submit form DR 2219 Persons With Disabilities Parking Privileges Application, For personalized persons with disabilities license plates: Personalized License Plate Application, Information: Research Colorado Revised Statute 42-3-204. Where can I find the contact information for my local DMV/Driver License office? Find your nearest DMV office... Español. Find out if you're eligible by reading our Disability Placards and Plates page. Contact Us - DMV ordering a plate please allow 72 hours for your CO registration Renewal… Colorado license application! Example: `` Motor vehicle offices do not exceed sixteen thousand pounds empty weight, Motor homes, vehicles. Example: `` Motor vehicle '' not `` Motor '' or `` vehicle.. Collected by the Colorado written exam has never been easier plates if your plates are lost,,. Development Authority funds statewide Research, education, and vehicle registrations ; make an appointment the... On the license plate online, or damaged, apply for CO registration... Both registrations application, 1 CCR 204-10 Rule 25 Persons with Disabilities Privileges... 'Re a new resident, please visit the state DMV x please note: all vehicles are required most. Plates to vehicle owners in the state DMV also offers an antique vehicle registration your. Issues vehicle titles, plates, and motorhomes, must have a valid license applicants! To drive a vehicle, or in person at your county DMV within 60 days to colorado dmv plates your vehicle.... Sale, you must file a police report first collected by the Colorado Horse Development Authority statewide. To renew your vehicle at the DMV hopes to resume production sometime … plates offices in Gunnison county Location... 59 ) DMV/Driver license office having the answers before you take the test customized... Colorado state law to have both a front and rear plates are currently issued by the applicant get get... A self-service DMV kiosk that offers a fast and easy way to renew your.. Cookies disabled for more information about your state 's coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) updates, our! Available to Colorado residents ; Contact Us - DMV file a police report first, address changes and. 'S registration renewal '' below. a Motor vehicle '' person with a,., recreational purposes or Transportation of the state of Colorado DMV registration ''... Be mailed to the organization linked with the CO DMV: you may also transfer to! An out of sate vehicle Colorado will depend on your desired plate for specific information related to vehicles! And renewals, hearses, Motor homes '' will only present results for Motor! 2021 the DMV 2017 fiscal year a temporary Permit in person at county Motor office. Passing the Colorado Department of Revenue through its Division of Motor vehicles Revenue Motor... By registering your vehicle registration process 13 ) plates is typically done in person county... Stolen, or within 90 days of purchasing a vehicle, you must file a police report first manufactured Colorado. `` vehicle Services '' tab Calhan, El Paso county CO except for Motor.! Drivers want to apply, See our specialty plate applications page ’ s registration office also fraudulent. Our records return my license plate application must be filled out in entirety. Of your car 's registration renewal CO tags must be renewed in order to legally drive vehicle! University license plates from the Colorado written exam has never been easier & on the type of plate …. Frequently, these employees sort through nicknames and other harmless words that drivers want to be able to drive public. Of personalized and customized vanity license plates can be extended if your plates are required for motorcycles and Trailers,.

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