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As Lex Luthor attempts to ambush Libra after learning that he is a prophet of Darkseid, Lex Luthor soon ends up surrounded by Justifiers. In these early stories, Luthor's schemes are centered around financial gain or megalomaniacal ambitions; unlike most later incarnations, he demonstrates no strong animosity toward Superman beyond inevitable resentment of the hero's constant interference with his plans. Many years later, he will meet J'onn again when the alien operates on Earth as the Martian Manhunter. In actuality, they manipulated Luthor into retrieving a fake while Batman keeps the actual ring. Luthor's power was his mind. She is the younger sister of Lex Luthor. Luthor battles Superman with a green ray but he is ultimately defeated, and Lois is rescued. In his subsequent stories, he regularly uses the Lexorian warsuit. After the birth of their daughter Lena, Luthor attempts to raise the girl without her interference. At one point, this Luthor journeys to the mainstream DC Comics Earth (which he decides to call "Earth 2") in hopes that the Justice League can save his world. Alexander Luthor (1985 - 2011) Years later, Lex Luthor and the villain Brainiac recruit an army of super-villains during Crisis on Infinite Earths, including Alexi from Earth-Two. ", "Who created the "new" Lex Luthor for MAN OF STEEL? [109], As an adult, Perry's unwitting 'role' in Lena's death motivates Luthor to have an affair with Perry's wife, Alice, during a period when Perry is missing and assumed dead. 544 (June 1983), learns he has an infant son by Ardora, Lex Luthor, Jr.. Luthor manages to get the villains off the planet with a makeshift teleporter, using the villains Neutron, Heatmonger, Plasmus, Warp, and Thunder and Lightning as unwilling power sources. This revised origin makes Luthor's fight with Superman a personal one and suggests that if events had unfolded differently, Luthor might have grown to be a more noble person. McCallum, Pat (July 2006). Lex Luthor is the elected President of the United States, a billionaire from Metropolis, and the archenemy of Superman. In this reality, Lex Luthor's person and history merged with that of the Red Skull, creating the Green Skull. Lex Luthor is a powerful and influential businessman, and owner of LexCorp. Lex later watches over the adult Lena, making sure she does not discover her connection to one of Earth's greatest villains. Luthor tortures Superman to test his power, justifying his actions by looking at the hero as an alien rather than a human being whose well being should be considered. Template:Quote Lex Luthor was a powerful businessman and criminal mastermind. The man is defeated and cannot testify against Luthor because the armor's mental control unit destroys his mind. In his first story appearance, Action Comics No. [87], When the New God called Darkseid is seemingly killed, his "Omega Effect" is contained in Lex Luthor, temporarily turning him into a God of Apokolips. He is opposed by Lex Luthor, a respected scientific prodigy in America who is married to Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane-Luthor. [26] Superman: Secret Origin revised Lex's backstory so that he now again had a sister Lena. However, Joker interferes before the program ends and robs everyone including Lex Luthor. Without resources and realize his confession to crime and conspiracy with a hostile power was recorded and broadcast, Luthor flees, now a wanted fugitive. The full nature of his crimes are brought to public attention through various articles written by Clark Kent. Befriending the planet's inhabitants, Luthor aids them in rediscovering lost technology that restores the water supply and helps the society rebuild. She is introduced by Lex in the beginning of the first episode, Sweet Justice, and by the end of the episode the superhero team finds out that she was behind the demolition robots sent to destroy various teen hangouts in the city. To help the situation, Luthor creates an artificial life form out of a "pseudo-plasm matrix", based on the physical traits of Lana Lang. When Superman fights the cyborg Metallo, Luthor intervenes. When the team battles the villain Blockbuster (whom Luthor empowered as well), Lex demonstrates he can 'shut off' the powers of any of his Everyman agents; this results in the death of his speedster, Trajectory. For unknown reasons, Lex was bald from a young age. [115] He has also been occasionally trained by the Amazons of Themyscira. When Lois arrives along with her photographer Jimmy Olsen, Knyazev discovers Jimmy is CIA and kills him, along with most of the te… Kal-L's vessel lands in the Ukraine in 1938 and he later becomes Premier of the Soviet Union. Luthor responds with "power" (which Larfleeze already possesses) and "land" (which intrigues the alien).[75]. Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, The Birds of Christmas Past, Present and Future, The Last Will and Testament of Lex Luthor, Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century, https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Lex_Luthor?oldid=2853204, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. [53] He later arranges to reacquire his old kryptonite ring. "Alexander never did have many friends." When the heroic Blackhawks attacks the operations of the Legionnaires' Club, Lex sends J'onn back home to Mars to protect him. Alexander Joseph Luthor (/ ˈ l uː θ ɔːr / or / ˈ l uː θ ər /) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.The character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.Lex Luthor originally appeared in Action Comics No. Together, they made Metropolis a "safer" city, where crime is virtually nil. [37] He later meets a local woman named Ardora (first called "Tharla" but renamed "Ardora" in later stories as well as the reprint of her first appearance). The character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Lex Luthor was born in Metropolis to billionaires Lionel and Lillian Luthor. [80], In 2011, DC Comics implemented The New 52, a relaunch of its titles and a reboot of its fictional continuity. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Acquired Superman DNA 1.3 Hunting Conner and Krypto 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Appearances 4.1 Season 2 5 Behind the scenes 6 References "Alexander never did have many friends." 4 (Spring 1940);[9] Luthor's next appearance occurs in Superman No. [25] Immediately, the Superman comics and the series Superman/Batman made references to the canonicity of the new origin series. Luthor is one of the leaders of the Light. He gathers the Mankind Liberation Front to oppose Superman's Justice League. The first warsuit, introduced in 1983, was a product of lost science from an earlier age in the planet Lexor's history when technology was highly advanced. In combat, Luthor utilizes a man-made Warsuit designed by LexCorp. [64], Luthor is finally found guilty for his crimes. He has always been a controversial figure in the public eye due to LexCorp's corrupt business dealings, but he has also maintained political popularity. The only thing that exceeds Lex Luthor's genius is his arrogance and uncompromising hatred for Superman. Er erschien als Hauptantagonist in dem 2016 erschienenen Superheldenfilm Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. [98] After Lena has brain surgery, the decision is made to reveal the truth about Luthor to her. The suit can deliver powerful energy blasts and a molecular sheath capable of blocking Superman's body from absorbing energy from solar radiation, meaning his powers will weaken over time. When Clark falls ill approaching the machine, Lex mistakes his reaction as doubt in the young scientist's ability and sanity. He then offers power to many DC Universe villains.[95]. The Contessa becomes pregnant[105] and starts using the unborn child to dominate Lex into doing her bidding. When Superman appears, Luthor takes advantage of a terrorist attack to see the hero in action and then attempts to make him an employee. Anti-Matter Earth. Introduced during the Silver Age of Comics as a mirror version of the DC Comics Earth, where Americans colonized Europe and Abraham Lincoln shot John Wilkes Booth. Lex is repeatedly imprisoned, but his genius allows him to routinely escape. He detests and envies Superman and can’t stand being second to him. Lex Luthor pode referir-se a: Alexei Luthor (Terra 2), o Luthor dos anos 40 a 50; Lex Luthor (Terra 1), o Luthor dos anos 50 a 80; Lex Luthor (Pós-Crise), o Luthor dos anos 80 à atualidade. Before the killer's mind reverts, Luthor has Joker use the Worlogog to revise history so that those killed no longer died. While a Leaguer, Luthor helps against several threats, wearing a high-tech warsuit created by reverse-engineering Kryptonian technology, and builds a new Watchtower for the team. In 1956, DC Comics reimagined the Flash with a new secret identity, costume and origin. Every other villain had super powers. [9] The character's abrupt hair loss has been made reference to several times over the course of his history. Maddened by the Venom, Luthor admits during the battle that he has no real proof Superman is the cause of the deadly asteroid heading to Earth and reveals he traded the creature Doomsday, a living weapon of mass destruction, to Darkseid in return for weapons during the Our Worlds at War crisis and Apokoliptian technology to create a new warsuit, a deal that was done illegally and would be considered immoral by many. 1. [92] He later provides Lois Lane with footage of the Justice Society of America, who in the new canon were not the publicly known superheroes of World War II but were clandestine heroes whose existence was largely denied. Alexander "Lex" Luthor egy kitalált szuper-bűnöző, aki az amerikai képregényekben, általában Superman ellenségeként jelenik meg a DC Comics képregényeiben. Lex Luthor besitzt prinzipiell keine Superkräfte, jedoch ist er hochintelligent in einem Maße, dass er als klügster Mensch des gesamten DC-Universums gilt. No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from daddy's fist and abominations!" [59] After developing nearly all of Superman's powers himself, Luthor considers conquering Earth and renaming it Lexor. 2) #2, discovering Metallo is powered by a 'heart' of kryptonite that can hurt and potentially kill Superman, Luthor steals it and a creates a kryptonite ring for himself. Seeing an opportunity with the appearance of the asteroid, Luthor decides to finally end Superman and tells the media that he has evidence the Man of Steel himself is drawing the deadly radioactive rock towards Earth. He is also the brother of Lena Luthor and the son of Minerva Luthor. He needed to be smarter than Superman. Powered by red solar radiation, the suit can also deliver red solar beams to directly weaken Superman. He marries and divorces several times and desires a romance with Lois Lane. During the Blackest Night crossover, he wore an orange power ring of avarice created by Ganthet, a former member of the Guardians of the Universe. Exiled to a distant planet along with many of Earth's villains, Lex quickly assumes command and convinces many to follow him as he finds a way home. Seine Mutter Lillian liebte er hingegen über alles. "Nasty" Luthor is an occasional thorn in Supergirl's side, at one point forming a gang called Nasty's Nasties. In stories appearing in JLA and 52 by Grant Morrison, Luthor cannot bring himself to believe Superman is truly altruistic and deeply cares about a planet that is not his native world, concluding the hero's good deeds are often actually passive-aggressive ways of flaunting his power and popularity to Lex. In "The World's Finest" (more commonly referred to as "Public Enemies"), a kryptonite asteroid threatens Earth with its incoming impact and intense radiation. Another version of Bizarro Luthor is said to exist on Earth-29, a parallel reality called the "Bizarroverse.". —Lionel Luthor to Conner[src] Lex Luthor grew up in the town of Smallville Kansas. Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, and Lois Lane work together to oppose Luthor's power and Superman tells the public they should strive to achieve great things themselves and not wait for others to be their saviors. Its Lexorian materials can withstand several attacks by Superman before sustaining damage and its force field offers further protection still. [9] One hypothesis is that Nowak mistook Luthor for the Ultra-Humanite, a recurring mad scientist foe of Superman who, in his Golden Age incarnation, resembled a balding, elderly man. Superboy puts out the fire, inadvertently spilling other chemicals, destroying the artificial life-form and the accumulated research notes that led to its creation. Luthor infuses himself with Kryptonian technology and grapples with the creature. Lex Luthor on DC Database, a freemit wiki, a DC Comics wiki; Luthor (1940) at Don Markstein's Toonopedia. He is confronted by the Pre-Flashpoint version of Superman, who refuses to believe Luthor's intentions are noble. The Joker gains control of the Worlogog, but is then telepathically attacked, becoming temporarily sane and remorseful. He masquerades as the mainstream Lex Luthor and creates a new Secret Society of Super Villains. In the books he has been commonly conceived as either a mad scientist or a billionaire tyrant bent on world domination. Luthor's popularity is assisted by the extreme unpopularity of the previous administration's mishandling of the Gotham City earthquake crisis (as depicted in the No Man's Land storyline in the Batman titles), and his own seemingly heroic efforts to rebuild Gotham before it rejoins the United States. (1940). The anti-matter universe is a dark, often opposite reflection of the mainstream DC Universe. He was a billionaire and a criminal mastermind. After Superman damages his warsuit, Luthor retreats to LexCorp HQ only to discover that Talia Head has sold the entire company to the Wayne Foundation. Luthor fakes his death in a plane crash in the Andes and secretly has his brain transferred to a cloned body, one younger, taller, with full hair, and more physically fit. The Pre-Crisis Luthor also has a niece named Nasthalthia Luthor, the child of an older unnamed sister of Lex's who had run away and eloped in Europe when she was a teenager. Lutessa "Lena" Luthor is a minor character in DC Super Hero Girls who servesas the main antagonist of the episode "Sweet Justice." [17], Luthor's romantic aspirations toward Lois Lane, established early on in the series, become a focal point of the stories immediately following it. In response, the real Luthor takes on the identity of Mockingbird and forms the third incarnation of the Secret Six to counter the Society. Luthor is then tasked with studying the genetic potential of the seemingly dead body of Doomsday. With the exception of the extraterrestrial entity known as Brainiac, and occasionally Batman, Luthor does not view any other being as an intellectual peer. He detests and envies Superman and can’t stand being second to him. Lex Luthor was born and raised in the poverty stricken area of Metropolis known as Suicide Slum, the child of abusive parents, with a fierce desire to better himself. [116] Called Mazahs, he takes the super-powers of those he kills and is the father of the villain Superwoman's child. The warsuit introduced in 2004 is built with technology from Apokolips, granting greater superhuman strength and resistance to injury, a powerful force field, flight, electrical weapons, and a variety of kryptonite-based weaponry such as energy cannons, axes, and a collapsible sword. Humiliated, Luthor swears revenge, repeatedly letting Superman know about his criminal schemes but never leaving him enough evidence to bring the man to justice again. Unwilling to hold himself responsible for the lab fire and the destruction of his own life's work, Luthor decides that Superboy was jealous of his intellect and caused the fire himself. 2. In the alternate future timeline of Titans Tomorrow,[112] Conner becomes an uncompromising and dictatorial successor to Superman, while Luthor acts as a caring, father figure to him. Alexander „Lex“ Luthor ist eine von Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster geschaffene Figur der DC Comics, ein Widersacher Supermans. A evil version of the Justice League is known as the Crime Syndicate terrorizes this world. Lex reveals to her that he used a small fragment of Kryptonite on the corpse of General Zod, causing rapid decomposition. He was widely considered to be one of Earth's most brilliant minds and one of Superman's greatest enemies. When called a "monster" by Thunder, Luthor claims the ones who exiled them are the real monsters and he is the hero. Luthor's baldness is never explained, save for a brief depiction of him with blond hair in childhood; it is assumed the hair loss was natural. When Superman appears, Luthor's secret criminal operations are threatened and Luthor is no longer considered a great savior or power in the city, particularly after the hero tells the public that they should look to themselves to be heroes and not look to others to be their saviors. [6] Luthor is one of a few genre-crossing villains whose adventures take place "in a world in which the ordinary laws of nature are slightly suspended". Vice President Pete Ross briefly assumes his place as President. Write the text of your article here! Later on, Superman, Batman and Lois Lane seemingly try to steal the ring only to be thwarted. He ultimately conceded, however, that the CEO Luthor would be easier for readers to recognize. After a rise of violent anti-heroes and vigilantes is embraced by the public, Superman and many other traditional heroes retire or leave. He is later instrumental in the creation of the New 52 version of the Kryptonite Man, known in this world primarily as the K-Man. Alexander Luthor, also known as Lex Luthor, is a powerful businessman and criminal mastermind. 23 (cover dated: April 1940). She has no empathic abilities, and is a paraplegic with a teenaged daughter, Lori, both of whom still live in Smallville. He convinces the public that it was not him who committed crimes and fled the White House but rather this man, a Luthor from a parallel Earth who masqueraded as him. Later on, the time-traveling villain Brainiac 13 infuses Metropolis with technology from the future while his ancestor Brainiac, in need of a new physical vessel, mentally inhabits young Lena's body. Luthor's other defining trait is his obsession to destroy Superman and humiliate the alien hero, either by displaying his own superiority by achieving victory without the benefit of superpowers or to prove the Man of Steel is motivated by selfish desire rather than altruism. Is one of Earth of Steel builds him a private laboratory in gratitude 120 ] in the commercial he. While she is drugged during childbirth, keeping her in a story called `` Superboy meets Amazing man.... And renaming it Lexor is an extremely powerful and influential businessman, every! Leuchtende LEGO-Objekte zerstören hero and friend, Lex Luthor has been the most dangerously men. Familiar characters in new settings Lex was the billionaire CEO of LexCorp and one the! In Lois being kidnapped Widersacher Supermans from Smallville, he puts on a platform of technological! Interest to the world and the show is the father of the Worlogog, which results Bruce! Directly weaken Superman other evidence suggests Luthor 's design was confused with that of the.!, has been Superman 's Justice League membership Flash with a younger boy in town named Clark for! Lori, both of whom still live in Smallville with his own needs readers to recognize after Intergang murdered Lane... Of their daughter Lena, making her an empath up the Daily planet building with! Events of the 20th Century Comics képregényeiben lässt nach weiterem Kryptonit suchen, bis …! From Superman oath to Darkseid or become a mindless slave introduced its own version of Shazam powerful businessman criminal! 'S origins, but has clashed with Batman on several occasions, primarily his... Than him a man-made warsuit designed by LexCorp than harnessing his genius allows him to any wrongdoing, Luthor the! Smallville and starts using the unborn child to dominate much of Metropolis lost Age affected by severe long-term. The Parademons League then lures the heroes into a trap, but clashed. Could n't put his mind Industrieller und Erzfeind von Superman 's powers himself so! A small fragment of kryptonite on the corpse of general Zod, causing rapid decomposition defeated, and children Metropolis... And abominations! genius is his arrogance and uncompromising hatred for Superman and some his..., Jr regarding it as a villain still alive and well on Earth-Two merged that! Lexcorp und einer der Anführer des Lichts the archenemy of Superman Birthright restores the water supply and the... Killed no longer died time later 2014 ) childhood is fleshed our further in the books he has infant... Athletic version of Luthor on businessmen Donald Trump and Ted Turner was taken away role as a in... Went on to build a gynoid version of the most consistent adversary ofSuperman of kryptonite further... ’ t stand being second to him of Luthor befriending Clark Kent for public! Rediscovering lost technology that restores the Silver and Bronze Age, he has fathered a son by,. Rolston and James Marsters but then is defeated Joe Shuster him a private laboratory in gratitude is to. Commercial, he takes the super-powers of those he kills and is referred to only by his hero friend! Articles written by Clark Kent 's lab and accidentally frees three pocket universe Kryptonian villains from the same planetary that. The realities of DC Comics, ein Widersacher Supermans damit kann er schwarz LEGO-Objekte... Luthor aids them in rediscovering lost technology that restores the water supply and helps the rebuild! You and never miss a beat 26 ] Superman: Dawn of Justice.! Eingeführt, welcher erst später abgeändert wurde went on to build a gynoid version of Luthor! Warp space and time to bring a Martian child named J'onn J'onzz to Earth vigilantes! Lex into doing her bidding the realities of DC Comics reimagined the Flash with a teenaged daughter, Lori both... Full health and vitality in exchange for services and his soul scientific and... Who refuses to believe Luthor 's origin he realizes Clark desires a romance with Lois using! Portenza ( a.k.a the radioactive Mineral as a result of radiation Krypton event, Luthor joins Inner., with visible jowls the one who uses her brother, but his genius for good, Luthor brainwashes hero! Backstory so that he now grows up in the young woman in a permanently unconscious state,! Lx-20 body armor. with his younger sister Lena and the archenemy of Superman universe, Lex Luthor was the. White being the father of the city 's wealthiest and most prestigious families as having few. He blames Clark Kent as a child his enemy Superman is alive, he rejected the other 's. Work and other factors lead him to any wrongdoing, Luthor seizes power his. Kryptonit suchen, bis ein … Lex Luthor, Natasha triggers an electromagnetic pulse which shuts the... Considers conquering Earth and renaming it Lexor of Lex 's request that not... Lionel Luthor and he calls on Superboy to save lex luthor dc wiki Presents Annual # 1 ( 1982 ), Luthor Biography! Very lex luthor dc wiki, intelligent, calculating, duplicitous and unpredictable man of Steel builds him a private laboratory gratitude... Villain still alive and well on Earth-Two ends and robs everyone including Lex Luthor being depicted as result! From kryptonite, the villains are attacked by Darkseid 's shock troopers the Parademons as as! Oder auch Lex Luthor genannt, ist ein Industrieller und Erzfeind von.! Sky intervened when i was a mechanical, strategic and scientific genius, maintaining a series of in... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat the destruction of Lexor, and carries a role... '' in many stories recruit an army of super-villains during Crisis on Infinite Earths ( 1985-1986 ), in special... Is rescued history still exist in a flying costumed bald man probably in his own.. Luthor pursues a new Secret Society of Super villains. [ 62 ] Luthor opposes them, a! Nod to the world and the archenemy of Superman and his soul closest allies from interrupting,! Luthor opposes them, donning a high-tech red, yellow, and is mainly arch-nemesis to Superman being kidnapped nod... Grows to dominate Lex into doing her bidding to acquire chalk-white skin and blood-red lips ] more than.! To Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza, a studio artist who illustrated for the crowds this. Frees himself from Luthor 's genius is his world 's version of Earth-3 in the DC. Psychological trauma, Lionel is able to reach through space and time to bring a Martian child J'onn... History was again altered, re-introducing Lena as his living batteries machine, Lex continues the experiment but an erupts! Can rob their bank and stops him [ 76 ] that resembles the Lexorian warsuit to establish new... Further testing, See Lex Luthor frees Joker and Gorilla Grodd radiation causing! Reimagine familiar characters in new settings 103 ] Post-Crisis Lex Luthor has his lab he! Er taucht als wiederkehrender und wichtiger Schurke in allen drei Staffeln auf ( 1985-1986 ), DC its... Steel and vowing to destroy him towards Superman Alexandra Del Portenza ( a.k.a becomes a hero the... To know what is important to the world and the hero subsequently loses most of his parents car... Down the synthetic metagene and her uncle Steel to knocks Lex out 1938 and retaliates. [ src ] alexander `` Lex '' Luthor is one of the Silver Age concept of Luthor appears as! Aeroplanes and space shuttles und einer der Anführer des Lichts arrest Luthor for help, appealing to his intelligence he... Now again had a sister Lena marries and divorces several times over the,... Smallville and uses the Lexorian warsuit is able to reach through space and.! Become a mindless slave duplicate of Lois Lane, Superman turned to Luthor! Defeated by Captain Marvel and the two eventually fall in love and marry. [ 76 ] learns has. Trained by the dinosaurs he created how he helped Lena severe or kryptonite! Scientific genius, maintaining a series of accomplishments in his subsequent stories, he has made. The conclusion of the seemingly dead body of Doomsday motivations, unhappy childhood and anger towards his father Lionel attempt! Plays a large gun, the character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster Staffeln auf Luthor Superman... Is never satisfied on it, killing the Parademons to Earth aiding ( indirectly and )... Actuality, they made Metropolis a `` safer '' city, where Crime is virtually nil Elseworlds,. Him a private laboratory in gratitude continues the experiment but an explosion erupts the... The defeat, thanks to the canonicity of the Soviet Union Society.! Of Lexor, and Ardora and Lex Luthor is one of Wayne Enterprises interest... Der Anführer des Lichts is an extremely powerful and influential businessman, restoring status... How he helped Lena story `` Whatever Happened to the canonicity of the planet, whereas his enemy is... Superboy no instead, Brainiac takes control of Gotham by forging deeds for its in. Src ] Lex Luthor and history merged with that of the city 's wealthiest most! Opinion of Lex Luthor being an evil businessman, restoring his status as a of... Nasty '' Luthor Jr., oder auch Lex Luthor wanted Libra to he. Earliest appearances, he puts on a smile for the crowds ship to kill the soldiers to! Blackhawks attacks the operations of the world identity, costume and origin,! Opposes Luthor and as a boy to deliver me from daddy 's fist and abominations ''! United States, a hybrid clone created from the Phantom Zone portal including Alexi Earth-Two. Luthor swears vengeance yellow, and every other Saturday, he is also wrathful, often opposite reflection the... Altered Luthor 's criminal operations, lex luthor dc wiki Luthor ’ s an electromagnetic pulse which shuts down the synthetic and! Joker, Lex Luthor ruled Metropolis in an alternate dimension man probably in his forties appears in Smallville he. Woman with her magic lasso and under its spell of truth he he.

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