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I’m definitely a blue person. While you may not exhibit all the character traits of a personality color blue as listed here, if this is your favorite color you will find yourself somewhere in the description. Blue is a popular color with both genders, however it’s often associated with masculinity and a more popular choice for men. In fact, blue is an appetite suppressant! In RGB, red is comprised of 100% red, 0% green, and 0% blue. The phrase ‘feeling blue’ is thought to date back to when a returning naval ship flew a blue flag and bore a blue stripe on its hull if her captain had died during a voyage. Color influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food… Color can indeed influence a person; however, it is important to remember that these effects differ between people. Blue is often used to decorate offices because research has shown that, Blue is one of the most popular colors, but it is one of the. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn't like to make a fuss or draw attention. The following are some of the reactions to the color blue that readers have shared over the years. They care more about their own personal taste rather than the opinions of others, however this does depend on the shade of blue. Businesses that want to project an image of security often utilize blue in their advertising and marketing efforts. Much time is spent thinking about the past and you are a sentimental person. Color psychology- Blue⁣ ⁣ Blue represents peace and trust. If you don’t have time now, save it for later ASAP. Says Color Psychology, “When you look at purple in a psychological manner, it is the color that balances red and blue. Chess may have its "black vs. white" color scheme, but for video games it's often "red vs. The blue color is also associated with happiness. Color-Emotion Connections Often Cross Borders and Cultures, Study Finds. Color Psychology: How Color Meanings Affect You & Your Brand How Does the Color Red Impact Your Mood and Behavior? Blue Color Psychology: Why It’s Popular In Website Design Amy Morin, LCSW, is the Editor-in-Chief of Verywell Mind. Red tends to bring intensity and energy to the color, while blue brings relaxation and stability.” Associations with Purple. For example, red or orange pills are generally used as stimulants. Consequently it is serene and mentally calming. This is a complex color that can influence us in many ways, so let’s start exploring the psychological effect of the color blue. The blue color is also associated with happiness. There has been a proven scientific connection between the color of products and the urge to purchase. Yet as a cool color, blue can sometimes seem icy, distant, or even cold. The basic “popular” colors such as red and blue stay high on most people’s lists but preferences to other colors such as yellow, green and others tend to change a lot. I’ve been reading several of these evaluations of color preference in an individual’s psychology and it’s pretty striking how accurate most of it is. Elliot AJ. But blue – the colour of enervating summer skies – can also calm and soothe. Blue has different color shades into it that create a different set of emotions with it. The Psychology of the Color Blue. There are some very subjective pieces to color psychology as well as some more accepted and proven elements. Many bedrooms are blue because it's calm, restful color. You have great knowledge in areas that interest you, however your knowledge base can be narrow or limited. Blue now arouses a feeling of emotional energy, strength, and spirit." Blue is independent, it is more of a leader rather than a follower, likes organization and is professionally minded. Let’s take blue for example. Blue is a popular color with both genders, however it’s often associated with masculinity and a more popular choice for men. Lighter, brighter shades show a stronger interest in appearance and being unique, they value being different. Associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. — sunset707, "I love blue because it's the color of the ocean and the sky. Because of blues lack of fondness for change it can be predictable, conventional and stuck in its ways. The color wheel shows the relationships between the colors of the spectrum. While some people find blue to be a sad or somber color, others may interpret it as peaceful or inspiring. Ever wonder what your personality type means? Wright claimed that, the complementary colors are red/green, blue/orange, and yellow/violet. The light blue color creates the emotions such as calm and makes the user feels refreshed. The color psychology guide. When I look at the blue waters of the ocean, I feel calm and very strong, I feel free like the moving waves and yet there is a sadness to it which at times fill my eyes with tears -I don't understand why. In 1666, English scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that when pure white light passes through a prism, it separates into all of the visible colors. While blue has different symbolic meanings, individual reactions to the color blue can vary widely. Skies become stormy and waters will rage. They relate respectively to the body, the mind, the emotions and the essential balance between these three. According to the psychology of color, orange, yellow, red, and blue would typically be the best bets. This color is one of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. While numerous specialties have normal colors utilized, for example, blue for medicinal services, you don’t generally need to take after the principles. Blue represents peace and quiet in many cultures. I like going online to gaze at sapphire stones and blue diamonds. Let's dive into blue color psychology further. For example, deep red hues are associated with passion and energy, whereas cool blue shades are considered calming and serene. Compared to blue, red is rarely used in collaborative organizations (Zhang et al., 2018). The blue personality type is very similar to the melancholic personality type.. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly when you are stressed. It makes me feel like I am good enough." The color psychology guide. From the sky to the sea, blue is one of the colors … Front Psychol. So, digging deeper into the psychology of color can significantly improve elus… It is the color of clear communication. What Newton himself began was then continued by Goethe and later developed by Eva Heller.Today, universities around the world analyze the relationship between color and marketing. — Latia, "Many people think of blue as being peaceful and serene, like a clear summer sky or calming waters. Hormones are released to your thyroid, thus triggering emotions that affect your behavior. My interest in the psychology of color is rooted in my capacity as an artist as well as a business professional continuously studying and understanding effective communication – whether verbal, audible, or visual. Omg. But blue – the colour of enervating summer skies – can also calm and soothe. Normally the clear blue sky gives that feeling of happiness and friendliness towards the user. This me all day…Taurus…dark blue! The Color Blue The color blue is the color of trust and responsibility. True blue will make sure you’re taken seriously. Stress-relieving blue. The psychology of color plays a huge role in how modern day consumers view your brand and make purchasing decisions. Also, the color sky blue, is a color that transmits tranquility. The color blue makes me feel calm, quiet, reflective, and strong. I’m in discernment about my life. This guide will serve as a good read for both designers and marketers. It is for this reason perhaps that people often describe the color blue as calm and serene. Dark blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability; it is a preferred color for corporate America and by survey is the “favorite” color. The psychology of blue. Green logo design by Lvasquez. by Hailey van Braam; October 9, 2020; Around the world, when people are asked what their favorite color is, one answer tends to leap out far and above the rest: the color blue. Orange: Orange hues are bright, fun and energetic. Blue might be perceived as calm and soothing -or as cold and unfriendly. It’s now often used in corporate logos, making its connection to business and especially to the tech industry somewhat inherent in … It is noteworthy that blue also has different meanings in different cultures. I am already a very calm, serene, emotionally balanced person but when I'm around the color blue, I am less nervous and more comfortable and communicative in the presence of others." Blue objects do not appear to be as close to us as red ones. These were some bright colors and their psychology for you. What’s going to follow is a comprehensive guide on the impact of color psychology on your landing page conversions. How Does the Color Green Impact Mood and Behavior? The color was also soon adopted by other navies around the globe. The pink color is a color which is related to candy and sugary items. If you associate the color blue with a vivacious and lively friend, then you might see it as a high energy color that evokes a sense of excitement. I wonder if that has something to do with it. Positive: Royal, luxe, … What is the meaning, symbolism, psychology, influences and associations of the color blue, and if blue is your favorite color, or if you like to wear blue or drive a blue car what does it say about your motivations and general personality? Blue is perceived as being a color of peace, safety and security. Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Well…no. The Impact of the Color Yellow on Your Mood, The 12 Best Stress Relief Products of 2021, According to Our Editors, How White Impact Moods, Feelings, and Behaviors, How Your Environment Affects Your Mental Health, Tips to Clear Your Clutter for a Relaxing Home, Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in Communities of Color, Daily Tips for a Healthy Mind to Your Inbox, Color and psychological functioning: a review of theoretical and empirical work, Blue is described as a favorite color by many people and is the color most. Blue is not a flashy, stand out color so wearing blue or owning a blue car would normally suggest that someone is not looking for attention. ” Wikipedia. Every shade of blue evokes a different emotion. Blue objects do not appear to be as close to us as red ones. It doesn’t give up and stays until the end. At Help Scout we believe the problem has always been depth of analysis. For me, blue is the color of sincerity, inspiration, and spirituality. This color, above all things, inspires tranquility, promoting relaxation both mentally and physically. It is linked to the throat, neck, hands, and arms. Blue color psychology Ranging from teal to navy to indigo and more, the color blue tends to be perceived in different ways depending on the shade. The blue personality type is very similar to the melancholic personality type. Enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. For example, deep red hues are associated with passion and energy, whereas cool blue shades are considered calming and serene.

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