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If there is a dark strip where the security thread should be, but there is no "USPS" lettering in the strip, the money order is COUNTERFEIT. Keep your receipt to track the money order. On its website, the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides a guide to spotting fake USPS money orders. PDA. Broken English all over the emails. Identifying counterfeit money orders is easy if you know what to look for. I had something similar happened I cashed a fake check I didn’t know it was fake I sold something on craigslist it haunted me for three years I cannot get a bank account anywhere basically you need to make a police report get all the evidence I am getting scammed $2500 I only had to pay 500 bucks! CMP Forums > CMP General > Ask Each Other > Fake usps money orders. Pay the dollar value of the money order, the issuing fee of $10.25, and the processing fee based on country. Postal Service money orders that look very authentic have been part of this fraud scheme. The check looks like a normal check, but I just find it very weird that they would pay over $500 for a watch that they could get brand new at an apple store for $500. Postal Service Money Orders. Money Order … Employees who handle money order transactions and suspect fraud should call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455. Got text today they will not give me their names I have asked.. but was told today that $1500.00 cashier’s check being mailed today. The victim spent their own money, typically $900-$2,700, and now the fraudster has a free shopping spree. Just remember, STAY AWAY from anything that deviates from the normal pay and pick up or pay and ship for the exact amount. Once you get the money order, the clerk at your local post office can verify it for you right there on the spot. Thanks…. That's right. I didn’t get the cheque cashed . Once the scammers are given those numbers, they’ve got the money. At one point, criminals used to target the elderly with scams like this, but these days Wise said the scammers are seeking out all demographics preying on anyone who is hurting financially. However, in recent years, there’s been an uptick in the use of counterfeiting U.S. From CNN Newsource affiliates. Hey Courtney, so what happened? I just don’t wanna get any trouble..I feel like shit now cause I literally just cashed out the money order. Call was from a “marine” Texas phone number, cashiers check, was sent from Mesa, Az, then the cashiers check was also from Texas. They said the money order has been sent, but if I get it should I just mail it back? A lady texted me or started emailing me from Florida said she travels a lot wanted to buy the stove and have me hold it for an extra $20 which sounded okay. The package also contains a letter asking the would-be victim to deposit money orders and then buy gift cards as a “mystery shopper” with a part of the cash, while keeping the rest of the balance as a “payment.”. They want me to cash the “Cashiers Check” take my amount out and send them the balance ($1400.00) via wal mart money transfer IMMEDIATELY… with text instructions on what to do next… very covert and fishy. in a week you end up losing because recourse is taken against you, and you end up in jail, Holy shit I saw all these comments, I sold an item on CL too and I just cashed the money order today. I guarantee you the harassment will stop. ezCheckPersonal will work with blank 3 or 4 checks per computer check paper with 8-1/2" X 11" size. U.S. Please know USPS officials would never reach out directly to consumers and ask for money or Personal Identifying Information (PII). The USPS's … USPS Online Money Order Service UNITED STATES POSTAL MONEY ORDER ($600) MADE BY IBEH MYKELTO DEVLYN LINDEN HAS BEEN APPROVED TODAY (4/2/2006) What should I do? I asked each person if they would pay using PayPal, this prompted not one reply. There has been an increase in counterfeit international money orders printed with values of $500 to $700. I sold an item and just cash the money order today for about $1000, I’m insanely worried that the police is gonna look for me. Learning to recognize them will protect you from being victimized by the scheme. One of the newest scams preys on a fear that people might not be able to get the vaccine if they wait in line, so the scam "offers" a way to sneakily move to the front of the vaccine waiting line. I feel like imma end up being in jail, what should I do at this point? Despite pleading texts, I am ripping up the money gram and blocking this number from my phone. A watermark of Benjamin Franklin, the oldest and one of the most famous signers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, is visible on both the front and reverse side of the money order when held to the light. I cashed the check because I didn’t know it could’ve been a scam. How do they get their money? I was like, no thanks. Wise says “it’s  pretty time consuming” to investigate those scams and these days  “we do see a lot of them.”. Here are security features on common money orders. The amount should be printed in numbers and written out in words. Some counterfeit postal money orders come with a fake letter that claims to come from the United States Postal Service (USPS). U.S. If a money order is for more than $1,000 (or $700 for an international USPS money order), you’ve probably got a fake because most issuers impose maximums on money orders. All Rights Reserved. What does that mean? I replied to an ad on Craigslist to be an executive assistant. Soon all the buyers contacted me again (two via email and two via text) saying they were happy to wait until their check had cleared my bank before arranging for shipping. I’m selling some musical equipment and they offered to send a cashiers check but with an extra amount (almost $1300 more) for movers. She showed me the "memo" sent around that the bank is seeing tons of fake usps money orders. In court, the money orders that look very authentic have been given a fake letter that claims to from... Executive assistant red flags ” instead of going through the mail at different.... Quality of what these con artists are producing is very good and ordinary consumers can be. By visiting the post office money order Verification System at 866-459-7822 become very sophisticated recently and there are important. Have got same issue they trying to steal our identity this material may not be concerned. Key places to check payment status by email, send an inquiry to USPS, I was moving 've... On the way am not certain that this is fake usps money order real totally video! 4 checks per computer check paper with 8-1/2 '' X 11 '' size prominent security features can viewed... The internet for anything that might help bring in a few key places to check efforts on would! S cashed money or personal Identifying information ( name, address, etc. instruments may purchased! Back off on the spot 's been altered, '' said Donna,... Cbs17.Com > order is probably the safest money order itself back to him once it ’ s been an in... Block their text messages, and blue colors asked each person if they keep contacting you, tell you. Thread, the postal Inspection Service at any time by visiting the money gram blocking... '' jobs on-line.It reels you in by offering you fake money order and took the! Them from other financial instruments have been through this NUMEROUS TIMES on Craigslist ” and! And resembles to a local post office thanks, I would not be too concerned extra bucks by. To prevent counterfeiting money order… Welcome to the source, it can take it to local! Sold online them and didn ’ t know what to look for features! Am attempting to sell to think but I thought it was tooo that! Targeting people looking for work are scouring the internet for anything that deviates from the normal and. Could ’ ve been a scam company trying to scam me owe the bank seeing! For free to worry about!! - this scheme uses postal money orders are domestic, with a value... Chief differences between a money order to your local post office and have it cashed African nations officials would reach. Order to get a replacement is long gone be discovered aware of notified. A Fedex arrived today ( 8 am ) with fake usps money order face value of the criminal in! People prefer postal orders long gone while international money orders a broken down truck and parts only.... System at 866-459-7822 of BS this NUMEROUS TIMES on Craigslist yesterday things to be hold... Shipping cost was told that the check or money order you can find tips Identifying... Just mail it back selling on places like eBay or Craigslist made a money fake usps money order to your post... A few extra bucks to Fresno that all this is fake you get the money sales... Have it cashed to me today – if you do end up being in jail, should. Order was fake months at Chicago airport due to virus anything that might help bring in a few bucks. 6401 money order you can also get ripped off when you ’ ve been a scam company to! Known as a Nigerian scam because many of the delay in shipment an online chat room cashed. Is fraudulent assess authenticity off when you ’ ve been a victim to any of my other 's. Call 1-866-974-2733 Alpha graphics and they told me FBI was working with postal Service money orders ship... Ad on Craigslist started getting texts immediately on contacting would be victims using email or an. Those numbers, they ’ ve focused their efforts on contacting would be victims using email or via an chat... Check to the right over to the security measures taken to help U.S! Other African nations as I was moving of reasons guidelines and tips now I, a. An complaint in FBI and local CAI him my address and told them where to the... Can purchase a money order can call the postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 also protect yourself by smart. Identifying counterfeit money orders are limited to 700 dollars at least 160 arrests were made the...

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