Mise En Place offers restaurateurs the tools necessary to run their businesses on a daily basis with real time sales and labor information and weekly flash reporting including weekly cost of goods and expense reporting.  Using some of the newest accounting software available Mise En Place doesn’t only focus on streamlined reporting but streamlined processes for the restaurant as well.  We offer different levels of service and reporting to meet the needs of the fledgling start-up restaurateur and also the needs of the most sophisticated operators in the industry.

Owners and managers can:

  • Submit weekly invoices via fax or email
  • View invoices online
  • Approve check previews online and have payments sent directly from the proprietary third party software, saving time required to sign checks and mail vendor payments on a weekly basis
  • Access a financial dashboard that can be customized to the Client’s liking (for premium level clients)
  • Access previous financial reports at any time
  • Compare year over year performance or actual to budget performance
  • Approve payroll via email
  • Utilize tools to determine theoretical cash balances to help time payments to vendors

On a monthly basis clients will receive a full accounting package with the reports necessary to properly run a restaurant operation including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and trend analysis reports.   We will provide these financials within a short window of the period close provided we receive all the required information from the Client.  Premium service customers will also benefit from monthly meetings with MEPRS to review financial performance and to educate managers and owners on understanding the financials.  During these meetings action items are provided to management and prior period action items are reviewed.  MEPRS is not interested in providing suggestions and hoping those suggestions get implemented.  At each meeting we will offer suggestions for meeting those goals and we will follow up on those goals at the following meeting to hold management accountable for progress.  We want to help train managers to use our tools to benefit the overall operation.