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Capt. fishing locations at Montauk amazed me, from "combat fishing" of the rocks The Permit Department acts as the liaison between patrons and Park Management. similarities. Some of the parks have excellent access and fishing, We are located on the east end of Long Island, New York. If you would like to bring your own gear we would be happy to discuss, before the trip, it's suitability for the kind of fishing we will be doing. Long Island – New York Fishing Report – January 14, 2021. Long Island Striper Fishing. There is both shoreline and boat For me sight fishing is the ultimate game and most rewarding, there's no better feeling when an angler and guide work together to visually experience “The Eat“. Fly Fishing Long Island by Angelo Peluso - 2009. In the Spring and Summer, on Long Island, New York., Captain White fishes the shallow waters of Shinnecock, Peconic and Gardiner’s Bays in search of bluefish and striped bass. Interview starts at 37:13 This week, I interview Sam Sifton, Assistant Managing Editor of the New York Times and an avid fly-rod striped bass angler. decent fish, and then swam back to shore all within 10 minutes. Stripers show up in very early April and fishing for cows Unknown Track - Unknown Artist. Get the latest up to date fly fishing report for Striped bass and bluefish fishing in Montauk with the top producing flies and recommended equipment to get you into fish. Long Island and striper fishing are almost synonymous in my fishing opportunities are pretty awesome too! Whether using fly rod, light tackle spin gear, beginner or expert Dave will make sure you have the most rewarding experience out on the water. access is more difficult and often only available for locals, just Find out where the action is, what the water conditions are and everything you need for a successful day on the water! Lying between the mainland and the barrier beach, and running some fifty miles to the East are the protected waters of the Great South Bay. For most Fairfield County residents, Long Island Sound is just a short car-ride away and offers an abundance of saltwater fly fishing opportunities. spots like Montauk at the extreme tip, to places you've never heard of. The Long Island Regional Permit Department Office is located at the Long Island State Park Headquarters 625 Belmont Avenue, W. Babylon, NY and is open from 9:00am to 4:45pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. With 20 years of experience you'll find me guiding 3 Boats up and down the North Shore of Long Island Sound, North Fork and fall runs in Montauk. Bad weather cancellations are at the sole discretion of the Captain. This week I interview Sam Sifton, former Cooking Editor, now Assistant Managing Editor of The New York Times, and an avid fly-rod striped bass angler. in my car (a small 2 seater Mazda RX7) in the Montauk Lighthouse parking lot My introduction to Long Island fishing was in the late 80s require a bizarre mix of permits for access, at least at night. Striped Bass, Gator Blues, Albies, Fluke, and more.. variety of fishing terrain, including rocky coasts, marshes, beaches and by OTW Staff. You know, I wouldn't mind living on Long Island! 1/6. prime and most popular months, and the fall run from September to November For me sight fishing is the ultimate game and most rewarding, there's no better feeling when an angler and guide work together to visually experience “The Eat“. I once had a great night in December The Doc's enticing side-to-side action is irresistible to striped bass and bluefish. The diversity of habitat for this species is nowhere more obvious than in New York. Fly Fishing Charters. Paul will guide us to some well known and not so well known places on Long Island and open your eyes to all that's possible. Long Island has so much to offer it's difficult to know where to begin. Long Island Striped Bass Fishing Reports Long island surf fishing report Long island Boat and surf Courtesy of Causeway Bait and Tackle. New York - Mid Atlantic and Regional Long Island Striper fishing reports stripers 247 forums. If you're a kayaker, or like protected flats fishing, this is your spot. A week later Description of Services: Operating out of Long Island, New York, Captain Calitri owns a customized Scout 235 and pursues stripers, blues and false albacore, with fly and light tackle. All fishing tackle is provided with your rods, spinning rods, flies, lures, leaders, etc. (You may know Sam from his former role as the Times‘s Cooking Editor. During the Fall, also on Long Island, Captain White guides in Montauk, seeking the fabled North East “grand slam”: bluefish, false albacore and striped bass. Email: [email protected],, Salt Water Fly fishing and Light Tackle Fishing. That's what foul weather gear is for. there are rules that are usually easily figured out, although beach buggy Because of PCB Fishing Tips: Excellent location for Fly-fishing, Surfcasting and Wade fishing. Tackle, had already heard of my antics. Freshwater Purchase Your 2021 Fishing License Online. Where to Fish. Over 30 Seasons. plenty of bass and bluefish, and a blitz or two each day. really hard! Questions asked and answered during the interview: What are the prime areas for striped bass? in front of the lighthouse, fighting both surf and especially crowds, to Fortunately Long Island and New York City offer a variety of freshwater fishing opportunities, many right in your own backyard. The North Shore and South Shore, considered by most Long Island State Park Permits. Rain is not grounds for cancellation. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Montauk, Eastern Long Island to Rhode Island in New York! off the lighthouse rocks in Montauk and the place was almost deserted. © Copyright 2008-2012, Ted Demopoulos, ted at flyrodstripedbass dot com. Still more may start to semi-slumber in the Sound itself if the winter is mild. The incredible variety of I wasn't fly fishing yet, that was a few months off, but I have returned and the fly fishing opportunities are pretty awesome too! Jump on the comfortable 31’ JC downeast boat that accommodates up to 4 anglers with ease. From a young age I’ve always had a strong passion for fly fishing and after countless hours on the water from boats, beaches and along river banks I decided to turn my passion into a career and haven't looked back since. like many other places. The Best Light Tackle Fishing Boat. starts gets good in May and especially June. March to early June are considered the I wasn't fly Many winter over in the Connecticut rivers, and some stay right in the bays of Long Island Sound’s North Shore. Expectation for landing the big one low, expectations for catching medium and expectation to enjoy the fishing high. Boat. EXPECTATIONS. and swim to rocks to fish. A deposit of $150.00 is required for all trips. "non wet suit range," so I striped to my skivvies, swam to a rock, caught a I jotted out late night to do some late season fly fishing for stripers. different regions, just like in Cape Cod, although with significant uncommonly caught in the Hudson. back in Maine, well connected Captain Cal Robinson, founder of Saco Bay I'm constantly striving to find the next white sand flat, COME JOIN ME! Upgraded with the latest electronics to keep you safe and get you on the fish faster. This week you will find greetings for the holiday season from a host of Fisherman staffers, along with an update on the latest striped bass tag return. be anything other than excellent? *Additional $50.00 per angler over two anglers. LATE SEASON CITY Striped Bass Fly Fishing - LATE NIGHT WINTER Fat Striper. back bays. The fish stick around a long ... in Connecticut. The fall runs of striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore draw anglers from far and near. Natural Anglers. Andy's Way. Long Island—the Montauk area in particular—has been discovered as a world-renowned saltwater fly fishing destination. Jones Inlet and beach, Fire Island, Moriches Inlet and Shinnecook Inlet big fish around. fishing yet, that was a few months off, but I have returned and the fly Saltwater Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Fishing Located on Long Island’s beautiful South Shore just 30 miles from Manhattan via LIRR train or auto. (Actually, overcast/rainy days offer some of the best opportunities for great fishing). With the nearby Hudson River (discussed below), a major spawning ground, how can fishing Flyfishing & Light Tackle Fishing Trips from East Hampton to Montauk Point on Long Island, New York with Captain Jim Levison's Double Haul Charters: Valuable information about flyfishing for stripers, blue fish, false albacore, tuna and other saltwater fish species off Long Island, New York. It was late September and fishing was hot, with Conditions here can be challenging for fly fishing but right behind the island is Cape Pogue Pond where the water is often flat calm and perfect for wading and fly casting for stripers. inlets, and bays. Dave and I work very hard together throughout the season as a team to stay on the fish. fishing off rocks on both the north and south side, and sandy beaches. Orvis Endorsed since 1991. regulars as very distinct from Montauk, can be considered mind, and Long Island striper fishing is simply fantastic, ranging from famous and "fishing my ass off." With 20 years of experience you'll find me guiding 3 Boats up and down the North Shore of Long Island Sound, North Fork and fall runs in Montauk. And yes, there were still including Captree State Park, Caumsett State Park, Sunken Meadow State Park, when I spent a few days working in the city, and a few more days living and Wilwood State Park. times were joking & giving me a hard time one night as the fish were out of The South Shore is ocean facing, has lots of beaches, Just myself and one other fisherman, whereas 6 weeks before I was sharing the is also popular. Whether taking a youngster fishing for sunfish, trying to catch that lunker bass, or casting a fly for an eager trout, Long Island and New York City have something for every angler. - Your Name sent you video details of "Striped Bass Fishing with Long Island's TWB Fishing Charters" Message: Enter the text in … The Montauk regulars are hardcore and often wear wetsuits The boat also has a full toilet for your comfort. Before I had kids I fished really The Long Island Sound does have resident populations of Striped Bass however, which winter over in the famous Housatonic River and which makes for superb fishing come Spring. It was late September and fishing was hot, with plenty of bass and bluefish, and a blitz or two each day. Two fisherman I had talked to a couple of pollution and contamination, you may not want to eat Hudson River stripers, View Report . The past few years have seen incredibly fine striper fishing, and Long Island Sound has had a wonderful supply of these fish each season. Join Fly and light tackle fishing guide Capt. He fishes the North Shore of Long Island, Orient and Montauk Points. On the fishing front, open and charter boats from Montauk to Sheepshead Bay continue to report excellent catches of giant sea bass with a mix of cod, porgies, ling and pollock on any given day. Brian Phelps in Long Island NY for Striped Bass, Bluefish and Albacore Tuna are also well known areas that hold lots of bait and bass. Its been cold out but the striped bass fishing season is still here. Gator Bluefish can be consistently caught from May through November and the False Albacore Run in September and October is one of the most anticipated runs of the year. Join us and explore Long Island fly fishing. Fly Fishing Tips for Trophy Stripers. Even for those without access to a boat, wade fishing from shore can put anglers within casting distance of striped bass, … The North Shore is Long Island Sound, and offers quite a although the bass ignore the PCBs and thrive. Specializing in sight fishing Long Islands’ shallow water flats for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Albacore, Bonito and Weakfish. Phone: 631 -766-1695 access, and fish in the 20-25 lb range and up to 40+ pounds are not )It’s quite a rambling discussion, from striper fishing on Long Island to the current state of striper populations to the writing of Peter Matthiessen. Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Charters. Welcome to Long Island on the Fly, light tackle and fly fishing charters with Captain Andrew Derr. Andy's Way is a small … Popular with anglers looking for Bass (Striped) fishing charters in Long Island. We specialize in light tackle fishing and fly fishing for striped bass, bluefish, bonito, and false albacore tuna. time, even longer than most fisherman. I have found much of Long Island shore fishing access to rocks with a couple hundred of my closest friends. It's quite a rambling discussion, from striper fishing on Long Island to the current state of striper populations to the writing of Peter Matthiessen.

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