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A one-stop shop for all things video games. Apollo (alongside his pre-New 52 husband Midnighter) was arguably one of the most successful WildStorm transfers into the DC Universe after Flashpoint, which is surprising given his obvious similarities to Superman, like a few other characters we've already discussed on this list. WildStorm was officially integrated into the DC multiverse as Earth-50 in 52, but waning market interest and declining sales led to its discontinuation in 2010.Many WildStorm characters and concepts (like Stormwatch, Grifter, and Midnighter) were imported into The DCU as part of the New 52, featuring prominently in their own titles as well as others. Another foundational member of Wildcats and first-ballot entry into the Bad Ass Hall of Fame is Zealot. The Doctor is also gifted with fifteen additional senses he has acquired over the years, granting him complete enlightenment. On this alternate earth, metahumans have no inhibitions against removing human political leadership if they engage in initiatives that harm others. He's tough, he's strong, he's fast. The Wildstorm Universe is a fictional shared universe where the comic books published by Wildstorm take place. The Wild Storm is a 2017 comic book published by DC Comics, written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Jon-Davis Hunt.. But she mostly makes her hands into guns. This article lists the most powerful characters available in Free Fire as of December 2020. After DC's Flashpoint event launched the New 52, the reboot merged aspects of the DC, WildStorm, Vertigo, and Milestone universes into a new shared continuity. This is one of the top four most powerful Marvel characters of all time. Lee, Williams, and Portacio had gained notoriety from their work on various X-Men titles at Marvel Comics. Adrianna bonded with the Orb while in space as a Cosmonaut, and her main abilities included precognition, Omni-teleportation, and even time travel. 3. Jeroen Thornedike was still a new Doctor when he joined with the Authority, but he still had access to generations of experience and the ability to alter reality using magic, essentially making him as powerful as his imagination allows. It’s time for the crossover event of the millennium. Because hand-guns are cool. Follow 45774. Helspont is incredibly powerful due to his possession of an alien Acurian body, which grants him super-strength, durability, and enhanced psionic abilities that made him a match for the strongest character in the DCU. Faraday and the Creation Equation were also key components of the Worlds End storyline that saw Faraday and his allies face off against the Orb-powered Tao, with Faraday and Void (both the entity and the Void-powered Spartan) again proving their extreme levels of power. By contrast, there are true reality warpers in the Marvel Universe. It is also the name of one of three brands launched by Wildstorm to help differentiate their titles set in the same universe from other, separate titles. One of the most powerful Daemonites in existence thanks to the Acuran body that he stole. 1 History 1.1 WildStorm Universe 1.2 WildStorm 2.0 1.3 World's End Initially, the WildStorm Universe was a part of the Image Universe. Entertainment reporter, writer, and all-around geek, Scoot Allan has written for print and online media sources like Geek Magazine, GeekExchange, GrizzlyBomb, WhatCulture, and the Urban 30 before joining CBR, ScreenRant, GameRant and The Gamer as a staff writer. Hawksmoor has pretty much all the other requisite powers of the others on this list. RELATED: DC: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Batgirl. He's certainly much less afraid of commitment than Batman has been lately, but most of the differences are to do with his powers, which Batman doesn't have. RELATED: Wildcats: The 10 Most Powerful Members Ranked. Majestic can fly, punch super hard, take a super punch and shoot laser beams out of his eyes. The Authority was assembled by a former leader of the StormWatch program, Jenny Sparks. On top of that, he has a heightened sense of precognition, allowing him to see events before they happen. Even after beyond absorbed, Beyonder has the ability to quickly regain its powers and in addition to being one of the most powerful Marvel characters, The Beyonder can also manipulate reality. The Doctor is the name of several fictional characters in the WildStorm universe. Majestic is a High Lord of the alien Kherubim race, who play an important role in a number of WildStorm events. Sparks was actually the Spirit of the 20th Century, one of a long line of Century Babies. Darby Harn is a contributor for Screenrant,, Star Wars News Net, and Movie News Net. Able to shapeshift, duplicate herself, just make stuff out of whatever is lying around, The Engineer is a walking, talking computer virus. team - Helspont. Midnighter is super strong, super fast and super durable. This gave him a symbiotic relationship to the city itself, putting him in a strange communion with seemingly inanimate objects like buildings and streets. It has the ability to possess other beings by tapping into their fear…and it does this extremely well. Though this ability has been dampened a bit in the DC universe, he remains connected to his city and unable to leave. In late 1992 penciler Marc Silvestri joined the studio to work on the first issue of Cyberforce. The WildStorm universe features an interesting number of Superman analogs, with The High first appearing in the pages of StormWatch #46, which had recently been launched in a new direction by Warren Ellis. His backstory is about how he was blinded so he wouldn't become too powerful. These Century Babies live for 100 years and spend their time influencing the events of humanity. There are hundreds of most powerful Marvel characters out there ranking from weakest to strongest one. This renders most attacks by villains moot. The titan shifter Eren Yeager is a very powerful anime character who has the ability to transform into a 15 meter tall Titan with incredible regenerative abilities. Angie's used this nanotechnology to become the new Engineer, and made her a founding member of a team known as the Authority. The High was cloned into an army known as Reapers, who kicked off the world-ending event known as Armageddon. Using the immense celestial power granted to her by the Orb, and also bonding with Captain Atom, she rebooted Wildstorm and sent Captain Atom on his way, paving the way for another revision that finally melded the two universes. He did it to Kyle Rayner, Barry Allen, and S… So far, she has yet to display the infinite range of power she had before. Don’t you hate that feeling when you are waiting for the bus and all of a sudden it starts to rain? So, if you could write a character from the Wildstorm Universe into the Arrowverse, who would you pick, which show, and how you would do it. 10 Most Powerful Siblings In The Marvel Universe, The 10 Most Powerful Wildstorm Characters To Join The DC Universe, The 10 Most Powerful WildStorm Characters Ever Created, DC: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Batgirl, Wildcats: The 10 Most Powerful Members Ranked, DC Comics: 5 Things From New 52 That Aged Well (& 5 That Did Not), many other characters that made the leap to DC, 10 Most Heartbreaking Things to Happen During DC’s New 52, 10 Marvel Characters Wolverine Had A Relationship With, Scott Snyder's 10 Best Batman Storylines, Ranked, Future State: 10 Ways The DC Universe Is About To Change, 10 Fundamental Differences Between DC & Marvel Supervillains, 10 Depressing Comics With Surprisingly Happy Endings, Justice League: 10 Comic Arcs Where Batman Is The Real Main Character, Savage #1 Gives Valiant's Ultimate Survivalist a Punk Rock Relaunch, Space Bastards #1 Is an Action-Packed, Sci-Fi Adventure, King in Black: Thunderbolts #1 Introduces a New Marvel Dirty Dozen, Future State: Teen Titans #1 Weaves a Tragedy for DC's Young Heroes, Review: Haha #1 Offers a Dark Set of Tales Starring Clowns, Future State: Justice League #1 Is an Exciting, Bold Shift, MCU: 5 Key Details From The Comics The Franchise Included (& 5 It Ignored), 10 Bizarre Marvel Comics That Would Be Great On Disney+, Superman: 10 Worst Things To Happen To Jimmy Olsen, Nightwing: 10 Weird Things You Didn't Know About Dick Grayson's Love Life, 10 Marvel Vigilantes Who Are More Terrifying Than The Punisher, Star Wars: 10 Sith Tattoos For Fans Of The Dark Side, 10 Avengers Who Should Have Never Joined The Team, 10 Golden Age Superheroes Who Need A Comeback, Swamp Thing: 5 Ways He Could Defeat The Avengers (& Why He Couldn't), Batman: Every Woman Bruce Wayne Revealed His Secret Identity To, 10 Marvel Supervillains Who Can Annihilate Martian Manhunter, Shadow Of The Bat: 10 Storylines Every Comic Fan Should Read. However, Apollo's unique take on his solar-based powers and elevated storylines have managed to separate Warren Ellis' addition to the WS universe from other similar characters. A Kherubim warlord and husband of Zealot at one time, Majestic holds incredible power. Originally founded as an independent company established by Jim Lee under the name "Aegis Entertainment" and expanded in subsequent years by other creators, WildStorm became a publishing imprint of DC Comics in 1999. Though short-lived, it was an intriguing take on assembling a team of human experts to take on superhuman threats. Cash is supremely durable, with a healing factor that renders him ageless and maybe even a little deathless, considering the injuries he's suffered. He is leader of the Cabal and an enemy of the WildC.A.T.s as

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