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Orvis has remade their popular Recon fly rod series and this time it’s better than ever. The Orvis Recon 8-wt is the brand’s premiere saltwater rod in this mid-priced model. "I don't know what the conversations were like at Orvis when this rod was being developed but I'd be shocked if no one expressed concerns that it was too good for the money." Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Their shipping is fast and I always have my items within 3 days- even during Covid. Orvis Recon 5-weight 9' Fly Rod*NEW! I’ve been waiting all winter for the shipment of the new Orvis Recon to arrive and it walked through the door last week. By using our website you agree to our Cookie Policy. For the past several years, the Yellowstone Angler’s rod review ( https://www.yellowstoneangler.com ) has ranked the Orvis Recon rod the best buy for the money. Thread starter DocS; Start date Aug 17, 2019; D. DocS Active member. By: Robert Morselli. weight of rods. A photo posted by Keystone Fly Guides (@keystoneflyguides) on Dec 30, 2016 at 10:15pm PST. In the Northeast, it is the standard for the four major fly-rod species, striped bass, bonito, false albacore, and bluefish, all of which range the Northeast Coast. I tested it along side my sage 8wt xi3 and g loomis 8wt crosscurrent glx. Review: Sitting around with a shoulder injury has led to me buying gear. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and improved using Helios 3 “trickle-down” technology. The new Orvis Recon is dead nuts awesome, and at the top of the extremely popular mid-price rod category. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Coming out this past year, the new Helios 3 has been a huge success and this year they are building off that success by launching the newly redesigned Recon. Apparently Fly Fisherman magazines Recon fly rod review agrees as well. Orvis® UK Official Site: Fly fishing gear and tackle, Men's Apparel, Women's Clothing, Gifts, Dog Beds, Dog Toys, Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Trousers, Shirts, Blouses, Skirts, and More. I have had it out 3 times so far and I am impressed. It's a great rod for tailwater trout, medium to large mountain streams, panfish and even light tackle smallmouth. This Recon is currently in the Orvis lineup and sells for $498. Freshwater anglers trust in our Recon collection for a delicate presentation to keep spooky fish from bolting. After doing so, I concluded that the Orvis ten foot Recon rods may be the most under-appreciated rods on the market today. Orvis Recon Fly Rod 4-Piece. For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and jerky paired with the evening hatch instead of a sit-down meal at a sane hour. The Orvis Recon 10ft 3wt is the only stick of its kind in the Recon family of rods. The Orvis Recon series fills the middle of Orvis’ rod lineup, and the 9’ 4-wt version is a great example of the series’ strengths. That’s just outstanding for a rod in this price range. Our Recon Freshwater outfits include a Recon rod, Hydros SL reel, Hydros line, backing, and nylon covered rod tube. Photo courtesy Trouts Fly Fishing. Posted by Dave Hise on 6th Jan 2015 The Orvis rod designers have been at it again. Orvis Recon 10ft 3wt Fly Rod Review 0. T-and-Co - 09/04/2018 The Orvis Company was founded in 1856 by Charles F. Orvis in Manchester, Vermont. The graphite rod is lightweight in hand, loads quickly, and packs a ton of power. Its like Christmas … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Orvis Recon 908-4 Fly Rod 8wt 9'0" 4pc at Amazon.com. Fast action feel with light swing weight. A detailed review and performance comparison of the Scott Radian, Sage X and G.Loomis Asquith. Orvis has a long a distinguished history in the fly-fishing industry. Photographer: Randy Harris for Bloomberg Businessweek Whether the H2 is "the best," however, would be hotly contested at … X. I found an orvis recon 8wt used that showed up yesterday. Designed for its ultralight swing weight, impeccable balance, and fine, sensitive bite detecting tip, the Orvis Recon 103-4 has already become a bit of a legend in this field. Orvis even created a rod aimed at musky and pike fishing. The Recon series in general provides good performance at a reasonable price and the 8-weight version is a great example of the series’ strengthens. wulff bermuda 8wt and SA grand slam 8wt. The fast action fly rod market has been defined by three rods: the Scott Radian, Sage X and G.Loomis Asquith. Better yet, just like the award winning Helios, the rods are built 100% in America, if that is … While the ten-footer wears the same coat of grey paint and trimmings, this Recon’s taper and action is completely different from any other rod wearing the Orvis name. Perfect timing for a good weather day on the Bighorn. The Recon 9wt is perhaps the most versatile saltwater rod configuration there is. Trickle-down technology means the new Recon 2 rods have features and performance found in the Recon’s higher-priced cousin, the Orvis Helios 3 fly rods, but for half the cost. I'm not sure what I expected from the Orvis Recon, but it wasn't what I got. For numerous reasons—some good and some bad—the fly fishing industry isn’t content to stand pat with what works. Honestly, up until a couple of years ago I didn't think much about Orvis fly rods. I have used a 10ft 4wt H2 before this and it is a versatile rod. Orvis Recon Review. I order from Orvis several times a year for my family and my dog. Orvis built the Recon 2 for fishability, not for the scales. Review : Orvis Recon 10' 3wt. They’re light, have a low swing weight, track incredibly straight, and are absolute lasers at distance. Better yet, all 20 of the new Clearwater rods are backed by a 25-year Orvis guarantee: If you break your rod, Orvis will fix it. The Orvis Recon rod can target the fish from 35 feet up to 70 feet with accuracy which makes it an impressive choice as this rod provides a smooth short and mid-range casting abilities. I have been fortunate, over the years, to be one of the Field Test Staff for the Orvis Company. Orvis is a wonderful company that stands by their products and service. Gear Review – New Orvis Recon March 13, 2020 8:59 pm Published by Pete Shanafelt Leave your thoughts. Maps Not Included - Recon is the rod designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. Rod builders 0333 400 4188 HELP. Lines: I used 2 different float lines. Joining it in 2018 is the new Helios3 1063-4. I have cast an 8wt H3(I now own) and an 8wt Clearwater. A worker attaches a burl wood reel seat to an Orvis Recon rod. Recon teams a high-performance. Maps Not Included – The Orvis Recon Fly Rods are the rods designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. By Spencer Durrant | Managing Editor. Orvis Recon vs Clearwater. I owned one years ago. The New Orvis Recon 909-4 fly rod is completely redesigned for 2020! If you've read our review of the Orvis Recon 2 8wt fly rod, you've probably seen that the new iteration of this contemporary rod series is heavier than the old one. Aug 17, 2019 #1 Anyone have any casting experience with these two rods? Over the past half-decade, I haven’t been as consistently impressed with a rod family as I am with the Orvis H3 lineup. Gear Review: Orvis H3D 9′ 6wt. Orvis Recon Fly Rod Review. The 5wt rod model tells a similar story: the old Recon 5wt weighed in at 2.7 ounces with a swing weight of 59.1 gm2. Recon freshwater and saltwater fly-fishing rods boast an excess of performance-minded highlights in a sleek, stealthy design. Essentially, you're getting a new rod for $200 off! We’re lucky to have the Bighorn in our backyard as a testing ground for new product. Fly Rod Review: Orvis Recon Series. Rod Review: The New Orvis Recon Author Phil Monahan Posted on September 30, 2014 Categories Fly Fishing Tags fly rods, fly-fishing gear. Messages 36 Reaction score 0 Location MI. Recon rods and outfits are designed for presentation and control on meandering streams or big water. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Orvis Recon 5-Weight 9' Fly Rod at Amazon.com. Orvis Recon 908-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 9'0", 8wt $887.00 $827.00 Orvis Recon Fly Rod Outfits New 2020 Orvis Recon Fly Rod Outfits include the newly redesigned Recon fly rod, Orvis Hydros Fly Reel, premium Orvis Hydros Fly Line, premium Dacron Backing, and Tapered Leader, shipped professionally loaded, rigged, and ready to fish!

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