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Parent Retirement Visa. Second or Subsequent Resident Visa - This visa allows you to stay in New Zealand after your initial resident visa has passed. The Government previously set the total number of places for the Capped Family categories (the Parent Category, and the now-closed Sibling and Adult Child Categories) across the 2014/15 and 2015/16 years at 11,000 visa approvals. Residence Class Visas: Living in New Zealand permanently Stage 1: Getting a Resident Visa There are some general requirements to do with health, character, and money or sponsorship that you’ll have to meet if you apply for New Zealand residence. New Zealand Parent Residency Visa. In September 2019, Immigration New Zealand announced a raft of changes to work visas and they re-opened the parent resident visa category. Foreign nationals allowed to remain permanently in New Zealand may hold: a resident visa; a permanent resident visa, or; a residence visa, residence permit, and a returning resident’s visa. I arrived in New Zealand in 2009 and the Parent Resident Visa was open that time. If you are outside New Zealand without valid travel conditions allowing you to re-enter as a resident, your Resident Visa has expired. Sponsor and partner for 1 parent (joint income) will need to be earning NZD $159,120 per annum. In the month of August 2019, 21,303 work visas, 8727 student visas and 3030 residency visas were approved by Immigration NZ. The category is set to reopen from February 2020. On Monday 7 October 2019, the Government announced the reopening of the Parent Resident Visa category with some changes. Expressions of interest (EOIs) can be made from that time, with the first EOIs being selected in May 2020. Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway denies there is a stalemate, but says he has been unable to reach consensus with coalition partners over the parent category, which was suspended in 2016.. The significant changes to NZ immigration policy are: The New Zealand Parent Retirement visa option allows to live, work and study in New Zealand permanently. Despite the previous Government's halt in 2016, about 2000 people have applied for the parent visa anyway, paying close to a $1 million in fees by the start of this year. To be eligible, you will need a yearly income of NZ$60,000, NZ$1 million to invest over 4 years, and another NZ$500,000 to live on. That the House of Representatives urge the Government to either reopen the Parent Resident Visa category, which is temporarily on hold, or grant long-stay visitor visas similar to those in other countries such as the United States. has a residence permit or visa, or is an Australian citizen or permanent resident); This will allow parents to live, work and study in New Zealand. The Parent Residency visa allows parents to pursue residency in New Zealand based on their adult child’s status as a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. If you have an adult child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, you can apply to live in New Zealand permanently. child over the age of 17) who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. From 1 January 2006, children born in New Zealand acquire New Zealand citizenship at birth only if at least one of their parents is entitled to be in New Zealand indefinitely in terms of the Immigration Act 2009 (i.e. You’ll need an annual income of NZ $60,000 plus NZ $1 million to invest for 4 years, and another NZ $500,000 to live on. The visa was confined to a person's partner, dependent children or their parent but the papers showed the minister of immigration, Iain Lees-Galloway, pushing for it to also include siblings and non-dependent children. Your parents will need to hold a valid temporary visa at all times while their residence application is being processed. if you have previously been issued a visa under this policy and your sponsor was not in New Zealand during the period(s) of your visit(s) to New Zealand, or if you exceeded the 18-month maximum stay on your previous visa, you will not normally be eligible for a subsequent multiple entry visitor’s visa … Parents are waiting for it to be open to be reunited with their children in New Zealand. The Parent Residency Visa is for you to join your adult New Zealand citizen or resident child. The new financial requirements for the Parent Resident Visa can only be met through the income of the sponsor and their partner. New Zealand is committed to support family connections. The New Zealand government may soon take the decision to reopen the parent visa category in the first half of this year. In this… Before the ban was put in place by the previous government, migrants who had obtained permanent residency and resided here for three years were able to bring their parents to New Zealand under a special category of visa. Learn more. This category enables parents to join their children in New Zealand and is open to parents of an adult child (i.e. If your children or grandchildren are residents or citizens of New Zealand, you may come over and live with them using this visa option. Investor 1 Resident Visa - This visa is for individuals who are investing NZ $10 million in New Zealand over the next 3 years. The visa allowed parents to join an immigrant child who had become a resident or citizen, but came under fire over disputed claims about the burden on taxpayers. New Zealand Immigration Forms - INZ1202 Parent Category Expression of Interest Form One such temporary visa is the ‘Parent and grandparent multiple entry visitor visa’. The parent(s) must meet the relevant … The Parent Retirement Resident Visa. Parent visa application is a two-step process with parents initially submitting their expression of interest to apply for parent visa and subsequently applying for the visa upon receiving invitation to apply from INZ. Significant changes were announced by the New Zealand Government earlier this month around the New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP). The Parent Resident Category (most popular category for parents of New Zealand citizens or residents to get residence in New Zealand) is changing. It’s a multiple entry visa with a total duration of 3 years. BUT unfortunately this visa is temporary closed to new applications. On Monday 7 October 2019, the Government announced the reopening of the Parent Resident Visa category with some changes.

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