Mise En Place Restaurant Services was founded to provide restaurant owners and management with the tools necessary to manage the financial aspects of a restaurant on a daily basis. We are dedicated to providing exemplary customer service to all clients. All clients have access to the same state of the art software and access to our well-trained and experienced staff.

Our mission is: To provide restaurant owners and operators with the information and tools required to streamline overall operations and maximize their bottom line

We intend to achieve this goal through:

  • Maintaining a work environment that keeps our team motivated and focused on providing our clients with exceptional service
  • Providing clients with relevant analytical tools, reports and information to proactively and successfully run their business while also measuring their performance against industry standards

Elissa Phillips founded Mise En Place for restaurant owners wanting customized service and support while using advances in technology to streamline this process for operators and managers.  These tools and the support provided allow restaurateurs to run their restaurants the way that best fits the restaurants needs whether that need is basic financial statement reporting or full service reporting and advisory including monthly meetings with financial reviews and training for managers.  Our monthly meetings allow us to compare performance to budget and allow the MEPRS team to provide suggestions and advice on ways to further improve profitability or to achieve goals set in prior meetings. MEPRS utilizes technology in ways that help restaurants save on paperwork, shipping and, most importantly, time.

We have designed our service offerings to fit the budgets of smaller operators looking solely for reliable accounting at this time as well as the needs of larger multi-unit operators wanting not just superior accounting operations but customization with face to face interaction with our team.  We also recently introduced Secret Shopping services and HR On Call services. 

Our management and our staff are dedicated to providing our services with exceptional support regardless of the level of service chosen.